Whimsy Clips

Whimsy Clips!!!
Please scroll down past The Simple Woman's Daybook for today's post on these fun, easy, Valentine clips. (These use totally all recycled materials and are so cute.)

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Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Jean,
It was so nice getting to meet you. Marie and I are still talking about how beautiful and lovely you and Jen are. We both wish that we had some of you genes in our family trees.

I scrolled down to see your valentine clips.... how cute they are.... thanks for sharing the idea with us and showing us how to make them.

Marie and I just got to our room in Idaho. Eileen won a gold medal today before we got here. We were not able to see her but we hope we will tomorrow.

We both are sending hugs to you and Jennifer.

Thanks again for picking her up at the airport and bringing her to Erin's. Love, Lura