15 Reasons

Here's to a great Birthday !!
Here's 15 reasons why I love my grandson, Nick

  1. He is so kind and good natured

  2. He is tall, red-headed and handsome.

  3. He helps his sisters-buckle up in the car, with videos at home, cooks eggs for them.

  4. He is smart--a 4.0 student

  5. He is brave--He goes camping with Scouts in the winter, in snowstorms!

  6. He is generous--he gives up his room when I come to visit.

  7. He is helpful--he takes out the garbage without complaining.

  8. He is cheerful--he always greets me with love.

  9. He is loving--he always has a hug for me.

  10. He is nice--to his mom, especially

  11. He has a cute sense of humor.

  12. He is a good reader--always has a book in his hand.

  13. He has a good disposition--never talks back to his parents.

  14. He is considerate--he won a stuffed animal at a fair and brought it home to his sister.

  15. He is wonderful--just the kind every girl would want for a husband (in a few years:)

Happy 15th Birthday Dear Nick!!

I love you:)


Beth at Aunties said...

Happy Birthday Nick!

He is a handsome and and sounds like a wonderful son and grandson.

It seems like you are recieving traffic today on your Thrifty mom post:-)

Enjoy you day!

wenderful said...

Happy Birthday to sweet little Nicky. I hope he has a wonderful day today.

jenjen said...

What a nice tribute Mom! It was fun to go to lunch with you and Nick today!


Grammy Staffy said...

He sounds like a wonderful boy.

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Have a good week.