I Met Marie!

I have only been in this blogger world now for about 6 weeks and almost the very first person to comment on it (after my children, who are almost obligated to,of course) was Marie from A Year at Oak cottage. Maybe she felt somehow connected because of our cottage names or something but she has been a faithful reader and leaves insightful comments for me. Well, I was privileged to be able to meet her tonight at the airport when she flew in from England via Atlanta. I really kind of barged my way into my daughter's car as she had made all the arrangements with Marie and those she is staying with here but still it was an honor to finally meet her in person. We were so excited waiting with our sign Marie from Oak Cottage that we held so that she would know who we were. Marie had been on the plane for hours and hours an yet she was so cordial and wonderful. We were able to drive her to her friends ( Lura @ grammysnews and Erin @ Patrick and Erin )who will take her to Boise to see her daughter in the Special Olympics there. It was great to meet these new blogging friends. I was happy to be a part of her night. I consider this a red letter day and count my blessings. Check Jen at TatorTots and Jello for pictures. (Why didn't I bring my camera? Maybe I was too excited.)
Have a wonderful trip, Marie!


jenjen said...

Thanks for going with me tonight Mom! It was fun! It was also fun to be at your Valentine's party - you should post some pictures of that tomorrow!


The Blonde Duck said...

AWWW! You got to meet Marie! I'm SO jealous!

beth at aunties said...

How fun for you:) I am glad you got to meet her and put a face to all the lovely comments she has left you.
I know I truly have come to appreciate those I have met in Blog Land and consider them wonderful friends. Lucky you!
Please come to the lunch which is to be held this month. I do not know the details but I would enjoy very much meeting you.:-)
Can't wait to see your decorated cookies. We are doing it this week in preparation ofr our Valentine Party!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Boarder Girl said...

Wow, that is so neat to meet someone online through blogging and then actually get the opportunity to meet in person!! Can't wait to see the photos!