For Today, February 2, 2009 (Ground Hog Day)

Outside my window... Snow is still on the ground and as I took my trash cans out for pick-up this morning, I saw the footprints of the deer making a path across my front walkway. They were so kind as to leave their little calling card droppings too!

I am wondering...why we hang our hopes of spring on a little underground creature that lives many states away from us!

I am thankful for...A kind and loving God who looks after me personally. Also, family and home. Also, eyes to see and ears to hear all that is on this earth.

I am creating...several things this week. Some are for Valentines and others are not. I will post them as I chronicle the steps in picture form.

I am going...to my class this morning to see if my little crocheted hat has any mistakes in it. I think it looks darling for my little grandson.

I am reading...These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner. Thank you Sally for the suggestion. Actually I thought I had read a book by that name, but it was about a little boy so I guess I got the name of it confused. At any rate, I am enjoying this one immensely. I really need to change the time when I read because this reading at night in bed doesn't give me much time before I fall asleep. I think I have read each page twice now. I should have it all memorized by the time I finish it!

I am hoping... to be with my grandchildren sometime this week. I must plan that out.

I am heariing... the cars whizzing by going to work I suppose. Inside I have not yet turned on the news but will as I get dressed for the day. I like to know what the weather is going to be, what is happening locally and around the world so I feel like I am an informed citizen.

Around the house.... things are pretty clean except for my studio where my houseguest and I created until the wee hours of the night this weekend. I will post what we made. Laundry needs to be done but in all it looks pretty good.

One of my favorite things... is coming home from being in the cold outside weather and feeling the welcoming warmth of my house. I love being warm!

A few plans for the rest of the week: This evening is our Pot Luck and Speaker group. So I have to come up with a wonderful food to take there. I think the speaker is "a woman with remarkable achievements in the arts, business, in church and community service". It should be interesting. I am having a Valentine card-making party on Friday so I will make cookies and cupcakes Tuesday, decorate them Wednesday and Thursday clean the house for the party. I will post the recipe and video clip of the beautiful way to decorate the cookies.

Here is picture thought I am sharing..
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Ashley said...

I hope you have a good day, Mom. It was nice talking to you last night. And I am sure the hat will turn out perfect - you always make great things! Love you.

Sally said...

I am so glad you're enjoying the book! I love it. It makes me want to be a better woman and makes me appreciate my life. Plus the story is just soo good.

jenjen said...

Have a great day Mom! Have fun at your class and at your FHE tonight! I am sure your hat looks adorable!


JamieM said...

Thanks for the post. I agree with Ashley. Everything you make is great and I am sure the hat will be too.
Just thought I had to share with you that Cheyanne got very defensive this weekend. She swears that she has 3 Grandma's. She counts you among her loving family! :) Hope that makes you smile.

Shannon said...

These are always fun to read. I hope you have a great day!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Honeysuckle. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I enjoyed reading your daybook. Have a great week! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like you're having a good week so far!