13 Reasons

Hayley has been practicing being a teenager for at least a year. Now it is officially here!

13 Reasons Why I Love Hayley!

  1. She has a great smile and sense of humor. She makes me laugh!

  2. She is outgoing and not afraid to try new things. She'll volunteer to speak in front of others!

  3. She has the most beautiful, dark, shiny hair.

  4. She is sensitive to others. She reaches out to be a friend to someone who is by themself.

  5. She is a good babysitter and in demand each weekend. She is saving all that money!

  6. She has a good memory and can memorize things easily.

  7. She always has a hug for me!

  8. She is musical and plays the piano, flute and guitar!

  9. She is independent and does all her own laundry!

  10. She is very stylish and always looks cute.

  11. She is a good friend.

  12. She makes great popcorn!

Happy, Happy 13th Birthday Hayley!


jenjen said...

oh thanks grandma i love you so much you are the bestest!! love you
from Hayley

jenjen said...

Cute post mom!

Thanks and can't wait to see you for the Oscar party!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy birthday Hayley! What a special little gal and what a good grandma you are to make such sweet posts.

I am sending love, Lura

Beth at Aunties said...

Happy, happy Birthday to 'beautiful Hayley!

She sounds adorable and so talented. I hope her day was very special.
what a fun idea to have an Oscar party. I hope you have a wonderful time.
Our Litttle Savannah turned seven years old yesterday. We will get to go see her in May.:)
This has sure been a busy birthday week for Jen's family.

Enjoy a wonderful day tomorrow.


Marie said...

You forgot number 14, she has a lovely Gran! Happy Birthday Haley!

Rona's Home Page said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hayley!