Thrifty Momma!

My new name is Thrifty Momma!

Last Friday, I picked up my friend, Nancy, from the airport and we were on our way to a cute shopping center when I spied a thrift store. A really large thrift store! I turned the car around so fast as I was telling her that we had to stop to see if they had any sweaters. I am sure she thought I was crazy or else very, very cold. We spent about an hour rummaging through the racks and found 9 sweaters, which I promptly bought. I won't mention that she had not had any food on the plane, hadn't eaten since morning, and it was past dinner time. But, this was my opportunity to get these sweaters that I had wanted ever since I saw the segment on our local TV station a couple of weeks ago. So, here are the really great purses that we stayed up until 1:00 am making from those sweaters. I think they are very cute and way cool. My friend loved making them and was glad we stopped at the thrift store so I guess all is right in the world. I have the tutorial for this at the end from studio 5 1.The main things are that they have to be 100% wool.
2. You wash them in HOT water and I dried them in the dryer too. (All the things you usually wouldn't do to sweaters!)
Mark where you want to cut it. 3.Cut the sleeves, and neck out. 4.Turn inside out and with seams together, stitch the bottom.
5.Turn right side out and fold handles in half and stitch about 1/2 way down each handle.

6. Embellish, and voile, it turns into a tote or purse!
Not bad for about $6.00, or free if you happen to have a sweater in your closet that you want to use.

Tell me what you think of this idea.


jenjen said...

Great post! I can't believe you got the video to work! Yay!

When can I come make one?????


beth at aunties said...

O' Kay I am so jealous and want to go shopping with YOU because I went out looking that same day after seeing the same segment...for wool sweaters ...and found nothing!!! When can you go thrify shopping again???
Aren't they darling???? You did a great job with all the embellishments:)

Too cute!

Marie said...

What a FAbulous idea!! I'm going to go find me some sweaters now so I can make one!

Ashley said...

Those are cute, Mom! You should sell them to that cute little store by you. I saw Nancy carrying hers the other night.

beth at aunties said...

I am back! I know it is no surprise.
What really BIG thrift store did you find... I am not jealous...JUST very motivated:-) lol

Your tutorial is wonderful.

Was your friend from Clovis or Fresno? I have a wonderful friend there also.


wenderful said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you got the video to work too! Cute cute purses Mom.

JamieM said...

Excelent job and thanks for sharing! That -almost- made me want to start sewing again! ;)

Chrissy said...

Wow!!! Those are so cute, what a great idea, I love it!!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Those are awesome! I especially LOVE the cable knit one with the bamboo handles in the video. Who knew an old sweater could turn into something soooo cute!

Mary said...

I love love this idea and will be checking out my local thrift store for wool sweaters. Thanks for the tutorial!

Vilate Thacker said...

Awesome and darling bags! i think I will have to make and sell a few of these on my etsy shop if you don't mind. Also I love your blog, think I might have to follow it k?