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For Today, February 9, 2009

Outside my window... There is a light dusting of new snow. We are supposed to get more today, tonight and into tomorrow. I guess the ground hog's prediction was right--- more winter.

I am thankful for... living in this country of freedom and even though we complain about the price of gas and food, I am glad I do not have to stand in long food lines to receive my bread and other necessities and glad that I have a car to drive.

I am creating... Valentines for those I love. I have a few more to make then I must put them in the mail quickly so they will arrive in time.

I am reading...These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner. I am about half way through it and loving it. I am still reading at night but it is so interesting that I give myself 15 minutes to read but last night that turned into 1 hour before I could quit, and then only reluctantly because I knew I had to get up early to workout.

I am hoping... to be with my grandchildren sometime this week. I must plan that out.

I am hearing... the wind outside my window. Last night it was very loud with the trees swaying and the vents from the oven and fans flapping making quite a noise.

Around the house.... things need attention. I have spent so much time playing, and entertaining that my house feels neglected. Cleaning has to be a priority today although it would be easy to relegate that chore to another time.

One of my favorite things... is feeling organized (which I do not feel today).

A few plans for the rest of the week: To finish my Valentines cards, clean the room where I made them, also clean my house, meet with my financial advisor, get organized for the week, read my scriptures and get caught up with the Sunday School lessons, visit my sweet Aunt and spend time with my grandchildren

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jenjen said...

Good plans mom! It was fun making Valentines with you yesterday - thanks for the yummy dinner!

beth at aunties said...

I love your simple woman 's day posts.
My home too is feeling neglected! I need to clean it tomorrow in preparation for my cleaning lady on wednesday! Mr. B laughs at me:)
You sound so talented... and thoughtful ...and ambitious with your workouts.
Stay warm and don't freeze! Tonight should be even stomier as the storm heads closer south.

Please post some of your Valentine Party pictures with the cookie decorations!