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For Today…Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside my window... The air looks clear and the sun is just behind the mountains.  The snow in my yard is just on the edges. And although there is a chance of snow showers today I am confident it will probably melt.
I am wearing... a gray long-sleeved shirt and on top of that a dark maroon scoop neck warm top.  I have on gray jeans and my Uggs on my feet.  I am ready for another lovely cold day here in the west.

I am creating…little paper purses to give four friends this morning to illustrate the importance of using their money wisely.

I am going... to lunch with a friend then to the four neighbors with my lunch friend.  Tonight there is an Artisan Bread class I will be attending.  I will be going to a local TV station with my daughter on Thursday and begin my gym membership training with a personal trainer from the club on Friday.

I am reading... A town Like Alice by Nevile Shute that I obtained from the library this week.

I am hoping... that Spring comes early this year.
On my mind... how flowers brighten the day and lift my spirit.  I bought a bouquet from the grocery store with chartreuse spider mums, white roses and red carnations. (Probably left over from Valentines)  I immediately took the red carnations out and put them in their own vase with the baby's breath.  That vase is in my bedroom.  The others are on my kitchen table and I am enjoying them every day as I watch the roses come into bloom.  I think it is a lesson in patience--watching the flowers blooming and waiting for spring to come.
From the learning rooms…
studying the scriptures more intently.

Noticing that... we are in the last week of February and wondering where the month has gone.  Does time go by faster the older you get?
Pondering these words... "I often think in music.  I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music"  Albert Einstein    I was so surprised when I read this quote.  I thought it would be from someone like Beethoven or Bach.  It would have been interesting to know Mr. Einstein and find out just how this music, which must have been such a part of him, how it influenced his great inventions and life.

From the kitchen…
I have a roast beef and also pork tenderloins that I will cook today.  I think the roast will be with the usual potatoes and carrots but I think I will make a mustard sauce for the tenderloins.  It makes me hungry just writing about it but I just had my oatmeal so I am not that hungry!

the house... since I vacuumed yesterday I just have to change the sheets and clean the guest bedroom from having a house guest last week.  I am trying to keep things tidier than I usually do.  It makes me feel good to have things picked up and in their own places.

One of my favorite things... finding a bargain!
A few plans for the rest of the week: making invitations for a church birthday party, the bread class, the TV show, and possibly a trip to my sister's.
From my picture journal...My beautiful granddaughter on her 14th Birthday which was Sunday.
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Marie said...

Jean, I just love that picture of you with your beautiful grand-daughter. Two very lovely ladies! I loved your day book as always. It feels just like a warm visit with a sweet friend! xxoo

PS - a Swede is a rutabaga, or orange coloured turnip. Very delicious. Well, at least I think so anyways. They are sweeter than ordinary turnips.

Janice said...

Enjoy your Nevil Shute, it is years since I read that book, it is excellent. Sounds like you have a lot of good things on in your life this week.

Amber said...

I loved reading your Daybook!♥
Thanks for visiting my blog!

I really like the picture of you and your grand-daughter!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

That is a great picture! You have a busy week with some really interesting things going on.