Olympic Fever

No one has asked me to answer any question about the Olympics but I feel I have watched so much of the televised Olympic Winter Games that I could easily give some very accurate and good ones.  I went to bed last night with a terrific headache and knew that I had Olympic overload for sure. I can't help it.  I get sucked in on it.  When I am straightening up my house in the morning I think, "I wonder if the Olympics are on!"  (P-l-e-a-s-e, what a question! Of course, someone is luging or skating at all hours of the day and night!)  So I turn it on and try to continue doing my work.  Somehow, I manage to turn it off hours later when I realize there is no food in the house.  I leave for the grocery store.  Later, that same thing happens when I have returned from necessary errands and before I know it, I have been sucked in and learned more than I ever needed to know about the lives of all the Russian, Norwegian and Chinese athletes, and their coaches and families I feel like I am participating in my own Olympic sport!  I have Olympic overload!  How about you?  How much Olympic TV time are you having?  Today I am limiting my Olympic viewing (unless, of course, the woman's Single Skating is on:)
I must restrain myself. 
I must restrain myself. 
I must restrain myself!


Sarah said...

In years past I have only been interested in figure skating and snowboarding. THIS year, maybe it's that I am getting older, I am loving pretty much all of the sports! Last night we watched the men's skating, women's snowboard cross, and some of the women's luge. I am stoked tonight for snowboarding half pipe!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I do watch, but only when I'm not doing something else. I don't get as caught up in it as I used to.


dee dee said...

We have been falling asleep with it on each night!
Dee Dee

2cats said...

Past years I have watched every televised minute.
This year because of the digital conversion, and the fact that our digital conversion box is not very powerful I have not watched any (sob!) of the Olympics. We don't get the channel that is is broadcast on.

Beth at Aunties said...

We have always been HUGE Fans of the Olympics. I was cheering out of my seat last night for Evan! Lindsay Vonn just took the Gold! Yes we do enjoy the Olypics. I remember when we had one of our exchange girls living with us from Japan, that year we cheered for both nations! I love that we can all come together, unified as a world.
SHHH ...I dvred the thing!