A Flip Book

Remember those Flip Books from our childhood, where you thumb through the pages quickly and watch the pictures magically turn into a sort of silent movie before your very eyes?  Today's post is just that.  Please indulge me as a grandmother today and play along. You will have to look at each picture very quickly and go to the next in order to get the effect but try to think of the flip book as you do.  I so enjoyed being with my newest grandson last week--touching his chubby soft white skin and hugging his adorable sweet body.  (He did keep looking at me as if to say, "Who is this lady that is still here everytime I wake up and keeps hanging around me?")  He adores his mom and dad and especially when his dad tickles him on his tummy:

Have a wonderful day and I hope you'll find something to be as enthusiastic about as this little one was this day!


Beth at Aunties said...

Sweet H Made me laugh! I could almost hear his laughter. I am looking forward to meeting a new little one soon. They are such beautiful gifts in our lives. I glad you had fun and enjoyed your stay!~♥

Michelle said...

Those are some great pictures, I am sure they are so proud!