10 Club Service Day

 For February's 10 Club activity 30 shoe boxes were acquired before the meeting. 
We then assembled the 30 shoe boxes with all the makings for Valentine's Day cards, supplies to decorate the boxes, activities to do along with games, pencils, erasers, puzzles and lots of candy for each box.
These were put together assembly-line style.  These boxes will be given to a local organization that cares for children who have been rescued from an abusive situation in their own homes.  then using the Valentine cards we supplied to give to their new friends in the shelter.
  I am so grateful for good hearted people who care for these children and give them a new start on life.  Love and compassion have new meaning at Valentine's Day with organizations like this one in existence.

I can just imagine how much fun these children will have decorating their boxes with the shiny red and silver mylar paper and adding the hearts to the outside.
Just another little drop in the bucket this month, but well worth the time expended.  After we were through we had a lovely Valentine lunch of Chicken Caesar Salad, Homemade Tomato Basil Soup, Homemade Rolls and Heart Sugar Cookies.
What a wonderful way to spend one morning a month!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh what a thoughtful service -- I love this and I can imagine the joy it will give those children. I love your banner as well.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love how you meet and do these wonderful service projects. I'd love to do something like that around here.