Stretching Your Clothing Dollar

In this time of economic worry there are a few things you can do to help keep the money in your wallet. Sometimes this involves learning new things or just using your imagination. Here are a list of a few ideas that might help and save you money that you might have spent on alterations:
1. Learn how to shorten-hem that pair of pants that are too long. Since attaching the original hem on a pair of jeans is the fashionable thing now, learn how to do it. It isn't hard and you can save yourself anywhere from $12-20 by doing it yourself. A really good website with step-by-step pictures is: www.daciaray.com2. You can also lengthen a skirt by adding another tier or layer as this one was with a layer of gathered lace to extend the length.
3. Learn to mend--a rip in a seam, a hole in a pair of pants, or lace that has become loose from an article of clothing. A basic sewing book from the library would have instructions and pictures or if you know someone else who sews enlist their help to teach you.
4. Embellish something you already own to make it more stylish and give you longer wear.
This T-shirt was given new life by stitching on a colorful flower of different fabrics.
5. Repurpose an article of clothing that you don't need.(a) These wool purses are made from 100% wool sweaters that have been felted (shrunk). A great video clip showing how to make them can be found on www.studio5.ksl.com (search Felted Wool Sweater Totes)(b) The inspiration for this sweater was in a mail-order catalogue for about $100. This cardigan was purchased in a local chain store for about $20.00 then the flowers were added (from an old sweater) and embroidered on to it for the same look.(c) Sometimes a piece of clothing can be used as a "scrapbook" like this sweatshirt by stitching pictures and word memories from a favorite vacation. You can buy special paper in an office supply store that will transfer images from paper onto fabric that can then be stitched onto the sweatshirt.
(d) Sometimes you have outgrown or it is out of style and you can make it into something else. This Halloween vest was transformed into a Halloween pillow very quickly with only two seams.
I hope this has helped get you thinking about ways to save. Have a wonderful day!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh the brown sweater is adorable. I saw the original in a magazine too and that is as far as I got. :)

Connie Weiss said...

I recently went through my husband's sweater and found two that I want to do something with. I think I'll make purses!

Great ideas!