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FOR TODAY August 10, 2009...
Outside my window...The grass has just been mowed and is green. The ground cover is filling in the spaces nicely. The air is clear and the sun is filtering through the pine trees and casting shadows on my patio. It is going to be a glorious day!
I am thinking...what fun it was watching my grandson perform for his ballroom dancing class Thursday evening. He is so tall and handsome and shy!I am thankful for...lovely weather, a home to warm me, good health and family and the gospel to direct my life.
From the learning rooms...This life is a classroom and I am trying to learn what it has to offer whether or not I like it at the time.
From the kitchen...yesterday I baked a Texas Sheet Cake and today the kitchen is off duty.
I am wearing...terra cotta-colored capris, grey t-shirt with ruffles on the neck and my ever favorite tan crocs.
I am creating...I am trying to change the date for our next service club meeting which involves a lot of phone calls and explanation while on the phone. I feel like I am creating something, really.
I am going...to meet with my cousin who is the landscape architect for my yard today. He is overseeing the changes which are supposed to be done but are not quite. He is a very good manager and.will get everything taken care of, I am sure.
I am reading...I am on the last chapter of The French Gardner and also on the 13 out of 15th tape of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I only listen to it when I am in the car so it is taking me some time now to get this far. But, I will have it finished by our book club meeting Sept. 1.
I am hoping...my poor zucchini plant produces at least one zucchini. I didn't think it possible to fail growing zucchini. I am having much more success with my container plantings. Here is the one on my courtyard steps.I am hearing...the magpies on the patio. They ate my first ripe tomato so they are probably complaining because I put screening around the other 5 tomatoes and one of those is ripe enough to pick now.
Around the house...Actually out on my porch a few crumbs were left by my grandchildren last week from their cupcakes and as I was doing dishes looking out my window to the porch I watched this itty bitty little mouse take a small piece at a time until he had cleaned up ever last one of them. I don't know where he lives but don't want him making his home inside mine so I am careful when I go out there to keep my doors closed.
One of my favorite things...I just happened upon this small town parade Saturday. It was great fun watching it. It was complete with 3 floats, cheerleaders, a clown on a unicycle, a tin man, a sombrero-wearing boy and a marching band!A few plans for the rest of the week: I have a meeting with my insurance broker this after noon and then a hair appointment tonight. Tuesday the grandchildren come back from their trip to Chicago visiting the other grandparents. They only stay overnight then drive back to ID. I plan to see Julie and Julia with several girlfriends one evening and work on a scrapbook I have going.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Have a great week!
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Rhonda said...

Our mower broke...week and a half still no mower! Hopefully by the weekend!

I saw a pic of you and Jen on a bike....I love that pic!!!!! So fun...magazine perfect!

Oh, home Mr. Mouse stays out of your house! Hmmm, he might be sniffing that sheet cake you made too! EEEEEk!

Have a happy week!