Looking Up-Ceilings of Beauty

Taking in the Beauty Above Us
Have you ever really noticed the beauty and design of things that are above your head? I have lately been admiring ceilings of all kinds in my daily life and travels. Here are a few pictures that I have taken of them. There is beauty all around.

First floor the Utah state Capitol building. Notice the symmetry of the spoke-like design. It was pretty innovative in it's day to have electrical lights. It was started in 1912 and completed in 1916.
The beautiful and massive chandelier hangs from the third floor of the capitol building. The chain hangs from the capitol dome 95 feet. The chain weighs 7000 lbs and the chandelier weighs another 6000 lbs!

Beautiful murals recently restored at the capitol building after a lengthy remodel surround the chandelier.
Looking up from the first floor.
Beautiful stained glass ceiling of Neiman Marcus, San Francisco

Jewish Museum, San Francisco. It is very light and airy. Magnificent ceiling in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco
There are lots of curved glass panels to make up this ceiling. The chandeliers are very large and beautiful too but look very insignificant compared to the size of the ceiling.
Elevator going to my dentist this morning. Simple circles of light on a black background are very modernistic.

Another beautiful chandelier at a friend's home.
There is beauty all around us if we open our eyes and take it all in. Sometimes we just have to look up. What do you see above you?


Carolyn said...

Love your pictures. The things we can see if we take the time to look!

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Jean. When we were in Austria we visited a lot of Baroque Churches. They, too, have beautiful ceilings with colourful murals painted on them.