Camera-Captured Summertime Activities

Camera-Captured Summertime Activities
Sometimes we wonder where our time has gone, especially this summer. It is a good thing that we can record events with our camera so that we can answer that for ourselves. Here are some events I captured with family and friends--fun times and times for memories.1. My sweet aunt, Gladys (89), and I had a beautiful drive north to my sister, Kaye's, home. We helped her celebrate her birthday by taking her to lunch at a lovely restaurant up one of the canyons near her home. (I won't tell how old she is, only that she looks 25!).
This is the birthday girl complete with a darling apron and birthday crown. She is in her livingroom that is filled with all things memorable and fun including the family portrait mantle with it's inscription "Be Warm Inside and Out", two loveseats that she recovered from our mom's home, tea cup collections, hand stitched pillows, decoupaged Girl's Time (on the easel) and other fun and quirky things. Everything has a story. It is always a treat to go there to see what she has done lately. She is a very talented and fun sister.
Barbara and I took a little trip to an old Inn where my husband and I spent our honeymoon many years ago and enjoyed the gardens there. We took the plunge and sat in the natural mineral springs that are on the property. Something that neither one of us had done before. Doesn't she look amazing! She is an inspiration to me of perseverance and patience having stuck with her diet since last November!
I pressed her into service to redecorate the guest room while she was staying in it. So it went from French Country to Cottage Beachy in the course of one week. Of course, we found time to make some crafts before she went home too. She is making a Danger cosmetic bag out of danger tape and duct tape.
The craft room found cute Maddy making a banner for her bedroom back home too.
It is so nice to have spent time with those you love. I hope your summer is filled with the people you enjoy being with too.


Marie said...

What a wonderful time you have had with your family this summer Jean! Thanks for sharing these special memories and people with us here today!

wenderful said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for hosting us and feeding us an early breakfast this morning. Looking forward to your visit soon. :)

jenjen said...

Cute pictures! So glad you had a nice time with Kaye and Gladys. Cute picture of Kaye with the crown and apron.


Beth at Aunties said...

You really have had a full summer filled with beautiful people and fun activities. I loved seeing the joy, happiness and memories made.