My Beach Vacation

I am taking a break and vacationing in sunny (off and on in reality) California with a friend. Barbara has been on a liquid diet since November and has lost 47 pounds! So, I decided to go on it with her---for this week.

So, Here's the latest on the liquid diet/ beach vacation.
On our first day, Barbara and I equipped with our GPS system in her BMW set off to find this adorable English country Cottage shop we saw in a magazine. Following the directions from the GPS we were directed to enter a toll road 73 (north). I thought, OK it will be about $1.00. No, it was ($4.50). There was no one on the road. We thought, wow, we have a freeway all to ourselves. How did they know! It was great. We drove about 5 minutes on it then were directed to exit. Well, it was an expensive ride, but it was worth it. As we followed the directions voiced to us, we were then directed to go onto 73 (south) which I thought, "OK, they'll just let us back on, free since we just came from the other direction". Wrong! The toll officer did not even think we were funny when we tried to sweet talk him out of the $4.50 toll. So, we had to pay and were on the darn freeway a total of 5 more minutes before we had to exit. Then we found the Cottage. It wasn't hard to find. It had a billboard size sign on top of it's warehouse square building. Where were all the roses and cute curved-top garden gate that was in the magazine? Painted on the front door! Instead of finding a cute, small, quaint cottage, we found a huge, southwestern urban converted warehouse. Inside it was divided into rows of consignment country/gift clutter which when I began to look, made me tired. Since we were so famished upon arrival and seeing it would take a good deal of time to find anything of interest to us, we scrapped the whole thing, went across the street and had some wonderful Puerto Rican food! (But, following through with our liquid diet, we did have water!)

Stay tuned for the next update!


jenjen said...

Ok, good for you! Who wants a vacation that involves a liquid diet? I say live it up and go on the diet later. You guys look great - you don't need to be dieting!

Have a super trip!!!


Amber said...

Oh my goodness! What a mess. But those type of things make great stories {and memories}.

I'm also glad that decided to mostly forego the liquid diet. You don't need to be on a liquid diet while on vacation! And you, my dear, don't need to be on a liquid diet AT ALL. I think you look fabulous!!

Marie said...

I, too, think you both look great and don't need a diet. Looking forward to the next installment! XXOO

Connie Weiss said...

How disappointing that the place wasn't the same!

If I was going to go on a liquid diet I would go to Napa...just sayin'.

Beth at Aunties said...

Ooooo the toll was costly for a total of 10 minutes on the freeway!
I am glad you enjoyed some real food.. Neither one of you need to diet~ You both look beautiful!

I hope you can enjoy your trip and some good girl talk!


wenderful said...

Connie, that was a good one!

Did you drink the Puerto Rican food?
It's not a vacation if you don't chew, so eat something. And don't forget to stop by Sprinkles. It's not a trip to Newport without a lemon coconut cupcake.

Have fun!