Macy's Bohemian Gardens Tables

Have you ever thought to use just one color for your tablescape? Recently at Macy's San Francisco during their Spring Bohemian Gardens event there were several tables decorated with exceptional interest. Each one had not only the table setting with a color theme, but above on the chairs and across the length of the table this one color theme was prevelant. Of course, they were over-the-top from ordinary, but they were spectacular to see! How about a green theme?
Of course, one must start out with a huge green spider web overhead drippiing with moss don't you think?
This was a very nature inspired setting with the mushrooms, twig placemats, rope ties around the napkins, green bubbles, and moss everywhere.

Even the chairs come to the party with their leaf painted on the back and the green pillow. Also the sparkles and glitter sprinkled on the cloth were an olive green. Doesn't the 1st course look inviting although perhaps a bitter prickly on the throat. This also shows that just plain white china can be incoorporated into a color-inspired tabletop.

If green is not your color of choice, how about a lavendar-inspired theme?

These lavendar tendrils were dripping from a branch attached to the very tall ceiling. This hung over and around the table.

These balls were made out of flowers and were spectacular.

The tablecloth was all silk petals in this gorteous shade of periwinkle. Notice the back of the twig chair with its cascading bouquet of flowers.
Here is the pretty simple white china again used with the very bold purple tablecloth background. Also the napkin ties make it seem more do-able for the average person.
Lots of butterflies adorn the tabletop in varying shades of violet and lavendar.
And doesn't everyone invite a beautiful full-size stallion to their dinnerparty? Notice the beautiful brocade purple saddle.
This one was a nature inspired table design with wicker chairs, peacock feathers and interesting chandeliers.
Here are the raindrops falling on the table.

The utensil chandeliers were a fun whimsy touch. Now look what's for dinner.

I hope you've enjoyed today's tablescapes and get some ideas for your next table!

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Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Wow, those are over the top even for a wedding reception. A feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Schotzy said...

How inspiring! I love the green! The composition is all so earthy and pleasing! Love it all! Thanks for visiting my site today! I enjoyed my visit with you!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, those tablescapes are incredible. They are definitely the most amazing that I have seen today. What a magical place to have a dinner. I would never want to leave! Amy :)

Beth at Aunties said...

They were spectacular! Lots of gorgeous ideas...
I finally found a lime green wool sweater this morning and am going to try to copy you!!!:-) Your bags were awesome. Do you have any advice? I would love to
see what else you added. It is for a pay it forward gift.

Entertain Exchange said...

Fantastic tablescapes...thanks for sharing them. What great inspiration!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Entertain Exchange

Janie's World said...

Oh my! Be still my heart! Only in my dreams could I ever decorate a table like this. These pictures are very inspirational! I love them. How did you know they were having this event? I would love to see something like this in person!

Anonymous said...

Yes, great ideas for my next tablescape. Thanks bunches for sharing! :)

jenjen said...

Those are fun! I like the butterflies, the hanging nests and those hanging silverware. So cool!


Connie Weiss said...

So much inspiration right there!

The Bloom Girls said...

Well, it's is so nice to meet you Nola. This is a first for me, I've never met anyone named Nola and I'm no spring chicken.

Thank you for your comment and I'll be sure to check back often, afterall, you must be very special!

I'd love to know how your mother decided on your name.

Thanks again,
The Bloom Girls
Nashville, TN

The Bloom Girls said...

Nola was my mother's favorite music and she played it on the piano. Also, when she told one of my aunts that she was going to name her little girl Nola, my aunt commented that she'd never name her baby Nola. So, I guess that sealed the deal for my mom.

I believe our club would be very exclusive, perhaps two members!

Christi said...

Wow, those tables are great. Love the utensil chandelier. Fantastic.

Christi @ A Southern Life

Marie said...

Fantastically fun Jean! My boss likes me to dress her tables quite similarly when doing dinner parties up at the big house, and of course she has the money to be able to do so. Most of us can just dream! I think the green one is my fav here today!

Dream Mom said...

Oh, how exciting! I love seeing over the top tablescapes since they are so inspiring! I know it had to be even more spectacular in person. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pictures!

In Chicago, back when it was still Marshall Fields (I believe), they had a flower show every spring. They would do all of the windows in whatever the theme was for that year, (kind of like what they did at Christmas) and then they would transform the entire store with flowers. It was truly a breathtaking event and one I cherished going to every year. It put every other flower show to shame. Once Macy's took over, they discontinued the show due to the expense. It was so depressing. I used to enjoy it so much and make such a day of it.

Now, they don't have flower shows however you can get a taste of the beautiful flowers by having lunch in the Walnut Room there. They have beautiful spring flowers and I usually request a table near the center that is decorated with a gazillion flowers. One year, they did a spectacular centerpiece of a ballerina that hung from the ceiling, and her skirt was made up of white china plates. It was spectacular with all of the flowers around.

Robin said...

What beautiful tablescapes....
Thank you for sharing them with us.

Hope your day is beautiful