Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today April 20, 2009.....

Outside my window....the sun has just come over the mountain and is brightly shining and making the grass glisten. The mountainside itself is still shaded. It is supposed to be a gloriously warm day. Horray!

The I am thinking.....of all the things that need to be done this week

I am thankful for.....good health and sunshine. Those two things make my heart sing and help me to have enthusiasm for doing what needs to be done.

From the kitchen.....are some of the Red Velvet Cupcakes I made yesterday. The kitchen itself is going to get a thorough cleaning today.
I am wearing......a bright yellow T-shirt, light weight cotton vest and jeans.

I am reading....the morning paper. I love the comics especially to combat the news. Pickles is my favorite.

I am hoping...to get a few plants in the ground that I purchased Saturday.

I am creating.....a few crafts to take with me to Newport Beach on Sunday to share with my friend. They are cards we can make together and I'll see what else I can come up with too.

I am praying...for my four friends who are going through cancer chemo.

Around the house....it will be doomsday for all dust and dirt as it will get cleaned thoroughly.

One of my favorite things.....is a clean house so I have a cleaning woman coming today. I used her once before and she made my wood floors so clean they squeaked when I walked on them and all my faucets shine. I love that!

A few plans for the rest of the week....I will meet with my cousin to plan a wall to be built in my backyard to give me privacy from the street. I am planning a small luncheon Wednesday with a few woman I would like to know better so that will include grocery shopping and preparing Tuesday. I am serving Chinese Chicken Salad, Lemon Knot rolls and Red Velvet Cupcakes. I was trying out the recipe for the cupcakes yesterday. I will try to post the pictures from the luncheon. I have a fun Chinese centerpiece you'll love! Thursday morning is church day and then an eye appointment in the afternoon. I know I need new prescription for contacts and glasses. And Friday I take my car in for routine service, and becausethe dealer is right by Nordstom's I will have to stop in there, don't you think? Saturday may find me at the Tulip Festival if I feel I am packed ready to leave and Sunday I leave for Newport Beach where a friend and I will spend a week exploring, soaking up the sun, shopping and lounging around! Can't wait for that.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... The picture is at the beginning of the post as I couldn't get blogger to drag it down to this spot. It is of my granddaughters dressed in two dresses they found in one of my closets yesterday. One is a dress my mom made for me to wear to my senior prom. It was then worn by my daughter to her junior prom and blonde Hannah whispered in my ear yesterday and asked if I would save it for her to wear when she goes to prom! Isn't that just the cutest?
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Enjoy this week and I hope all you plan happens just as you wish!


Beth at Aunties said...

This was a fun read! You and your family seem to have so much fun together..love it.
I tagged you today and hope you will play along.
Have a great time in New Port Beach! We love going to the
Chart House there and have many favoite memories with many friends. Also my husband designed the new temple there:)

Oh and I loved the dress up picture. So precious. I have a built in hamper in our laundry rm I use for the dress up clothes and my G-daughters love it.
Enjoy your week Good Luck with everything!!!

jenjen said...

Good plans Mom! I worked out in my yard today. Your luncheon will be so fun! And those red velvet cupcakes were to die for!


Rona's Home Page said...

Got to get back to my housework. It's my day off and it just seems to pile up. And I would be the type of person who just cannot stand disorder.