Beach/Liquid Diet Vacation II

Tues. plans--Work out, Designer showcase, Shopping. Using GPS to get to the 6 penthouses (3 million pricetag!) we went 20 miles out of our way. Penthouses were decorated beautifully if you like high tech, very little storage and huge expanses of glass (unfortuntely overlooking the sandpit and the terrifying freeway). Then on to shopping (past Avocado Street which whispered "Sprinkles, Sprinkles)--(cupcakes to those who don't know that name). We resisted though!

Wed.--Workout, Craft, Pedicures, shopping, French food.

As we were walking home from the fitness center, we were nearly sprayed there as the water hydrant was opened and came gushing down the road behind us!
Thurs.-- Adventure! Country Living had an article about a small area in L.A. with shops that looked intriguing. We decided to go find this street. After mapquesting it we set off, Barbara at the wheel, whiteknuckled all the way on 12-lane freeways to the unknown. We both had sweaty armpits as we finally arrived and sat in front of a cute bakery. Next thing we hear are sirens as several fire trucks whizzed by. This was exciting! Then we realized we had not mapquested how to get back home! Panic! We had to rely on our not so reliable GPS but decided to go the back roads this time. As we began our journey we followed a bus with a sign Accidente Necessaries then watched a police helicopter circling around overhead and 5 police cars in the streets-- we locked our doors. We thought we were part of the filming of The Real L.A.Cops show! All went well and as we saw the ocean again we stopped hyperventilating. Barbara wants it to be known her choice for the day was Rodeo Drive not downtown L.A.! Now what kind of adventure would that have been! Diet summary: Me--Monday down .6 lb, Tues up .8 lb, Wed. down .2lb, Thur up 1 lb. Barbara--down 4.5 lbs. (It must have been those bakeries for me!)
Barbara contemplating the day's adventure. What will tomorrow bring?

Thanks for sharing our Beach Liquid diet vacation!


Marie said...

I am sure my knuckles would also have been white! Sounds like you had a fun day though! XXOO

jenjen said...

Fun times! And cute picture of Barbara in rollers. Glad you guys are having fun!


wenderful said...

Does Barbara know you put that picture of her up? It sounds like you had a fabulous time! Glad you are back. I can't believe you didn't hit Sprinkles!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

"Dorothy's not in Kansas anymore!!"
I remember the days of white knuckling it through the freeway and streets of LA Calif.
I'm afraid Sprinkles would have been my reward for the venture.

When I was a newlywed, we lived in Glendale Ca. There were nights we'd wake to a helicopter flood light flying (over our bedroom window). I'd grown up in OC Ca. but Los Angles was a whole new world.

Sweet wishes,