Savoring Friendships

I received in the mail today a letter from a dear friend that I had made 28 years ago when she had 5 adorable blonde little girls and I had 3 adorable blonde, brunette and brown haired little girls. Her letter reminded me of what a wonderful thing friendships are. Even though we do not see each other often, just the sight of her handwriting made my heart happy and excitement filled my soul to open her letter, see her darling daughters with families of their own now and to be able to share in the tales of her busy life she is now experiencing.

Friendships begin in many different ways, some instantly, some unexpectedly, some after spending much time together and some with much effort. "That's how it is with people sometimes. When you least expect it, a common thread--golden, at that--begins to weave together the fabric of friendship" (Mary Kay Shanley)

I love that girlfriends can be of any age. When I was first married my "best" friend was 90 years old and helped me and give me such sage advice about raising children. I love to have friends that are younger than I am too. We help each other out. They help me stay young and I have experience that I can share with them. Each life that touches ours influences the way we see the world and handle our own situations. Even if we are separated by time and distance, and can no longer hear their voice or see their face, we never forget the impact that they have had on us. Friends stay with us in our memories and they are a part of our lives and continue to be.

I consider my friends to be my sisters--so close and extremely cherished in my heart. Maya Angelou has said, "In times of trouble, there are about seven women in the United States I can call at any hour and say "Now. Now, I need you now." And they will come. No questions. No objections..Nothing, nothing would keep them from me and me from them." I have special friends like this and feel blessed because of that fact and because of them.

Thank you to all my friends both old and new (and to those who will become my friends.) I never take our friendship lightly but feel eternally blessed because of it and you. You have given my life sunshine on a gloomy day!

By the way, if you'd like to feel balmy check out Jen's blog. She's in Hawaii and has a fun Hawaiian give away: http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/


jenjen said...

How sweet! Love that poem. Thanks for taking Ella today. I heard she had a great time!

Miss you!!!


beth at aunties said...

I love this post!!! I feel so much like you do about the many friends I have and some I haven't seen for years...yet they are never far from my thoughts.

I just found a 7th grade friend two years ago from on the internet and she is a great blessing in my life.
I have an 86 year old friend whom I adore. And then there are my sweet Ashley's in life who I have known since birth. I am glad she and your daughter, Amber are communicating. She is talented and adorable. She was Miss S.L. County and has accomplished many accolades in her young life. Something she wouldn't mention herself.
I think of you as a wonderful new friend who I look forward to getting to know better.
You have already inspired me.
I thought of you and the darling aprons you made for your close friends for Christmas this week while I was attempting to make one for a 'Pay it Forward' gift for a blogging friend in Alabama. I thought it was such a cute idea. I bet your friends LOVED them!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post today!


Marie said...

Beautiful post! Friends come in all shapes, sizes and ages. I cherish each one of mine, both real and invisible!

JamieM said...

Thank you so much for this inspiring post. You are so insiteful. I gave you an award on my blog. Thanks for your time on your site and sharing your friendship with me!

Chrissy said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. When I think of those friends, Jenn is at the top of my list. Although we don't get together as often as we'd like I am always confident in our friendship, she is like a sister to me! Thanks for raising such a wonderful friend!