HGTV Dream Home

Just want everyone to know about the biggest Give-Away--the HGTV dream home. It was built in Sonoma, CA a nice little town about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. My daughter's and I went there in November for a Girl's Weekend. There are many wonderful Spa's there. Of course Sonoma is in the Napa Valley so there are lots of vineyards but also it is a quaint little town with a cute town square surrounded with unique shops. At any rate, you can register to win this 2 million dollar home every day until Feb. 19. It will be showcased on HGTV on Feb 6. It looks fantastic. I would love winning it and put in my vote everyday! I have put their link here for you. (But then I shouldn't have told you; my chances won't be that good!)


jenjen said...

You are on a roll today! Isn't that dream home just the best? Maybe one of us will win it....


beth at aunties said...

It is a beauty of a home. It would be a great vacation home:-)
I enjoy the Napa and Sonoma Valley.
It is lush and beautiful.

Connie Weiss said...

It has been many years since I could enter to win the HGTV Dream home. Three years ago, I was pregnant and due on April 20, which the rules said was the day you had to be available to appear on camera to *win*. Two years ago, I was pregnant and due on April 8th, which again was the date you had to be available to appear. What the heck were the odds of that happening twice?

beth at aunties said...

I am so glad you got to enjoy this wonderful place with your daughter. A number of of years ago about I with about ten friends rented a large van and had the best day enjoying the lovely and quaint shops at the vineyards.
Our new daughter in Law is from Napa Valley.
I was glad you posted it so I could vote each day... if I win you are welcome anytime!!!!
Have a great day my Honeysuckle friend!