Breathing--In and Out

I have come to really appreciate the little things in life that I have been taking for granted. For the past three weeks I have felt like my body has been drug through the sludges of poor health and care beginning with a fall on the ice landing on my tailbone and then the back of my head. Then, through a virus I couldn't get rid of or get medication for. And while still coping with those two, having chest X-rays with the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia!

But, the good news is that my perception of life’s daily miracles has heightened and awareness that had lain dormant, almost, for many years is now in place. Of course, I would rattle off these as some of life’s blessings but the happiness that they can bring to someone just wasn’t there for me until now.

Some of these daily happiness-inducing things are:
1. Breathing—in and out, deeply and without pain. When one thinks about the marvels of our bodies I think breathing is really taken for granted. Not any more, here at this house, though.
2. Warmth—a warm bed and house is wonderful. After spending hours, days on the couch under a warm blanket, they were my home, my nesting place. So nice.
3. Modern medicine—Antibiotics are a miracle. We are so lucky to live at this time in history to have so many medicines to cure so many ills-and so quickly.
4. Food—Simple nourishing Chicken Soup, milk/ muffins. Nothing tastes as good as the warm nourishing soup when one is sick.
5. Friends and family—Sympathetic and willing to bring anything and do what they can to comfort and relieve.
6. Laughter—Little children’s, even adult’s. The sound of happiness is affirming to the soul.
And last but not least,
7. Did I mention-Breathing deeply, in and out, without pain!

Oh, to be alive, what joy!


Sally said...

This was a great post! And I understand completely. Four years ago I was very sick and actually cracked a rib due to my horrible coughing. I couldn't stop the cough and so I was coughing and breathing (and laughing--ouch!) with a cracked rib. It was so painful and when I finally healed, I felt so grateful!

Reading your post made me breathe deeply and ponder how I adore my comfy bed and comforter. :)

jenjen said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. We love you!

Jennifer and kids

beth at aunties said...

It is a wonderful post. I am so sorry you have been so under the weather.
We do take health and the many blessings the Lord gives us for granted way too often. I know I have. Thanks for the gentle reminder.
I hope you continue to get your strength back:-)

Marie said...

It's amazing the simple things we just take for granted . . . until they become a problem for us! Glad you are on the mend!!

wenderful said...

Glad you are feeling better. You sounded much better on the phone yesterday. I hope you can get out of the house today and do something fun.

JamieM said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. It is amazing all the things we take for granted! Thanks for your post & visiting my blog. I love your comments!