I N A U G U R A T I O N D A Y 2009

This is an historic day for all. As we glue ourselves to our tv's to take in every moment let us recommitt ourselves to support our new President and government in their efforts to keep us safe, uphold the constitution, make decisions for the good of all the people and live lives that have meaning and purpose.

G O D B L E S S A M E R I C A !


Shannon said...

You are so right. No matter who we voted for we should all be proud to be an American.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

beth at aunties said...

Thanks for you wonderful comments!
There were so really moving moments this morning which made me proud to be an American.
I too will pray for our new President and those who surround him that our peace, liberties, morals will stay in tack as a nation. They have such a huge task.

I hope you are feeling better...