May I Take Your Order?

I volunteered several months ago to host a group that gets together for a potluck sit-down dinner and speaker once a month. That was last night and although I still do not feel well, I had to go through with it. So, I transformed my totally Christmas-free house into what looked like a restaurant. Last year when I hosted it 59 people showed up! so this year I borrowed tables and chairs and used my family room, office, kitchen and was prepared to add table settings in the livingroom if necessary. But it was snowing and I'm sure many felt like I did, that I'd rather stay home. Except I was home and there were just 30 people attending which was much more manageable.

This is what the "restaurant" looked like.

There were tables everywhere!

I bought white tablecloths from WalMart ($5.98 what a deal!) and used see-through fabric table toppers that I had made before.

Here is a list of some of the food people brought: 7 Layer Dip, Veggie tray, Chili with chips and cheese, Tortilla Casserole that I made (will have to post that recipe it was good), Puff pastry with shredded beef and spinach, croissants with yummy filling from Costco, Carmelized Onions and Potatoes, Tossed Salad. For dessert: Carrot Cake, homemade Cookies, Pecan Pie, Sampler with yogurt and chocolate-covered cinnamon bears, homemade brownies, nuts, dried apples. I did not take pictures as I was busy finding serving utensils and taking snowy coats from people.

As soon as the last guest departed, I took more Advil and my wonderful cough medicine with codine (my new friend!), and left all the garbages, untensils soaking, all the tables up etc and went straight to bed. I was exhausted. This morning I was able to tackle it much easier.


jenjen said...

Your "restaurant" looks very cozy. The menu sounded really tasty. I'm sorry you didn't feel well. It's a good thing you went straight to bed and cleaned up the day after.

You need to post the tortilla recipe you made.


wenderful said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm sure everyone loved being in your home. It is a welcome place.

beth at aunties said...

Bless your ♥ I hope you are feeling better today. The tables all looked nice and the food sounded wonderful. Your home looks lovely and I bet everyone enjoyed themselves. Just get some rest now.

beth at aunties said...

Our son lived in Saratoga befor going back to DC to specialize is Vision Therapy. They lived close, (just south) to the new School. We enjoyed the sleigh hill many times as a family:) Did he live close to you?

beth at aunties said...

If I remember right it was Harvest Hills. You turn at the fire station.
It will be fun to get to know you better.