When Communication Fails

Last week was interesting because one day every phone in my house quit working so I began using my cell phone which was a good solution until it fell out of my pocket onto the floor and then it, too, quit.  It is an awful feeling not having communication to the outside world.  This was the same week that my lap top computer decided to go on vacation.  Actually it showed up for work in that I knew it was on, the buttons turned blue and it hummed when I opened it up.  But, the screen was black and I could not figure out how to get a "picture" on the screen.  I asked every savvy computer person that I knew and tried every thing they suggested with no luck.  When I finally took it to a computer geek, (after 3 days), he opened it up and it had come back from Tahiti or where ever it had been!  Who knows why things like this happen.  At any rate, if this happens to you, do what I did:

#1  Guess where I went last week:

I encourage every woman to self exam and to get a mammogram every year just to be safe.
Mine took less than 15 minutes!
Other things of note:
The gowns are real cotton material (not paper make-believe ones)
You can catch up on your magazine reading while you wait!
There are lots of signs things to read.
The technicians are so nice and gentle.
The room is warm.
It could save your life.


southerninspiration said...

Oh, I have seen that place! Good for you for getting yours done!
Have a great week!


Marie said...

The most important thing is the last one, it could save your life. I have had mine and as uncomfortable as they can be, they sure beat the heck out of the alternative! Early detection is the key to survival with this disease!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'll be scheduling mine in the next few days. Somehow mine had gotten around to being mid-December and since we leave for Christmas, it was just bad timing. I'm trying to get it moved around to late January early February when things slow down.


2cats said...

I am going for mine on Thursday. I have had one every year since I was 30.
My insurance company offers an incentive for women to get one each year. They give $10.00 gift card to a local store.

Beth at Aunties said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the loving gesture. I am doing much better.
Our dil's father passed away Sunday after arriving at church of a massive heart attack. She and our son (from the big city by Ms Wenderful) are here with their five children until after the funeral this coming weekend. So I am getting some loving in with our little Archie.
Maybe then we can get together. I would love to meet you!!!
We seem to have many things in common lately.
Computers errr! My keyboard had water spilt on it and gave up the ghost last week. My mouse has been working but that doesn't help with much communication.:-) Our sound card went out months ago. Maybe ours too will make a visit to the Geek Guys:) My son helped me hook up a new keyboard tonight.

AND My yearly squeeze is also next week. It looks like you went to the same place. :)

I hope your week goes well!