Homemade Gifts of Love

 Dena @Sweet Pickles and Chocolate had a great post idea Monday when she blogged about all the cute homemade gifts she had received at Christmas. I hope she doesn't mind if I follow her lead and show pictures of some of the cute home made items that I received or purchased for others.

I loved the packaging on this one almost as much as the present itself.  The darling box says "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with it's cute red and black velvet polka dot bow and handmade gift tag.

Inside was this darling handmade scarf

Does it count if I buy the present for myself?

 I saw this scarf at a Boutique and had to have it. It is made from different sweaters with appliqued hearts and flowers and a little pocket with a bell.  I love it!

My sister spends hours hand embroidering cute pillows.  I am the happy recipient of many of hers.  This one with red work has red and white ticking on the sides and back.  It is very precious.

The two pins are made of fabric and have burned edges, the necklace is made of fabric also.  The colorful pin is made from fringe and honestly goes with every color I have put it on.  They are great.

This watch is a nice addition to my jewelry collection and is also handmade.

I think these headbands are adorable on so many. However, I tried one on and it quickly made me look very dorky and silly.  I decided they were best left to others. I bought them for my granddaughters.

These silhouettes of my grandchildren were made by my daughter from photographs she took then applied to a canvas board. I think it is very clever.

This spoon was not actually handmade since it is an antique but it got a new use by adding magnets to the back and is really sweet on a magnetic board.  I love old silver.

I got a lot of great ideas for next year's gifts from these.  I hope you have too.
What were your favorite homemade gifts?


sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

Sweet Gifts! I absolutely love the embroidered pillow! She did a wonderful job on it.
I got a beautiful house and garden hand embroidery kit...the problem is finding time to do it!
I love your post, so much creativity, time and effort on all and it really shows!

Marie said...

Homemade gifts are the best of all jean! I have a couple that I just loved. One was a sweet Santa that Lura made for me and the other was a lovely apron my friend Lenis made for me. Oh, and a lovely neckwarmer made for me by my friend Tracy. Your homemade gifts are really wonderful Jean. Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is a great year for you!!

dee dee said...

I just love all your handmade items! Each is unique and wonderful! I would be hard pressed to say what I like the most.....The scarves, the watch, the pillow right down to the cute spoon magnet... All excellent!
Dee Dee

jenjen said...

Those are all so cute. I love the silhouettes - I really want to make some silhouette things this year. I'm glad your computer is working!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love that pillow! What fun seeing such cute things.


Lynn said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Yes, it is relevent to what temperature one is used to. Love the pillow you sister made. So much love went into that, as with all the other handmade gifts. Right now, my grandchildren's pictures to me for any occassion are priceless and precious.
Stay warm and have a beautiful day.

Ashley said...

I like your "Jean, Jean, the sewing machine" pillow :)

miss you!