Illuminating Idea for January Blahs

If you are tired of the gray, cold January weather and  looking for a way to light up your life and home you might try making or buying a new lampshade.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A friend of mine took this old  embroidered runner (probably for a bureau top) and adhered  it to the two sides of my lampshade.  The sides she made of blue and white strip ticking and the ruffle of red and white ticking.  I love it.

This one is the same idea using another old embroidery piece except this was a circle.  It probably went in the center of a table.  To make this one she just cut a circle in the center and placed it on top of the lampshade.  It is only attached to the shade at the top.  This would be very easy to do.
Now if you don't want to make one yourself, you can just buy one.  The following are some that I found at Hobby Lobby.

  Maybe you could just tie the shade you have and add a jewel like this one from your jewelry box.

This shade looks very prim and proper but is the same idea with the tie in the center.

Or you could just add your favorite motif like this fleur de lis.  It could be done with a purchased motif or one that you cut out of fabric or felt.

This is another great idea of using two different fabrics with the inside one showing through the thinner outside one.

If you have a very plain shade already you could add a random design on the shade and fringe on the bottom like these shades

I thought this design was very nice using a bias strip of the same fabric and winding around and around.

Here's the close up of that one.

This one was just so fun and flirty that it made me smile. It is made of ribbons and beads.  So I hope these fun shades have helped light up your life and given you a lift.
When you try one of these send me back a picture so I can see it too.
Happy last days of January!


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Rhonda said...

I love lamps! Those were great. I have been wanting to add a ribbon around one in the living room and in the bedroom. Thanks for inspiring me to get it done!