Ways to Give Thanks

After posting about gratitude yesterday I was reading through some of your posts and Kristen @ We Are That Family has a wonderful idea to use with your family.  It is a Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar with sweet I am Thankful cards to fill out each day and place in the cute numbered sacks.  She has the instructions to make it and some printable forms for the cards.  Check it out here.  She also wrote some thoughtful insights into the holiday too so go visit there today.

Here is another idea I'd like to share.  Give each person in your family little "calling cards" to leave when they do a good deed for another member.  The cards are little 3"x3" colored card stock.  Each person has their own color of cards so the color indicates who left it.

My family had a good time personalizing their color with stamps.  Now the fun begins as little deeds of goodness are done and make way for the cards to be left anonymously.
I am so happy and grateful that our weather is so warm and pleasant this week. I am thanking God for each day of Indian Summer that we have.
  What are you thankful for today?


Deanna said...

November Blessings to you!
Enjoyed this read.
Oh my goodness...I am thankful for so much!
My list would look like a book.
God bless,

Beverly said...

I loved your post today.
My Thankful list is alo very long..BUT...I thank God every day for my husband and son! My son is an amazing 6 (almost 7) years old, and my husbad is my very best friend! I am truely blessed.

Beth at Aunties said...

I love this family activity. We use to do something similar at Christmas. When someone would notice a family member doing a Christlike action/act of service they would leave a card in their stockings hanging on the fireplace and thanking them. On Christmas eve we would empty the stockings and read them and get them ready for Santa.
Thank You for sharing your skin care secrets. Jean, you have such beautiful and lumnious glowing skin!
I had never heard of Obagi and went to their site. Which of the exfoliators do you use? Thanks for the other great tips.
A good friend uses arbonne and also looks wonderful!
Isn't this weather grand?

dee dee said...

Wow, I love to count my blessings... God, family, friends, a roof over my head, heat, pets...etc. God bless you, today.
Dee Dee

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You have some wonderful suggestions here. I am very thankful to have healthy kids, parents and husband right now. So many that I know are suffering loss, I am counting my blessings.

Marie said...

How very wonderful Jean! I just love coming to your page. I always come away with something really special. xxoo

puna said...

I love how you decorated that pumpkin! You are so creative!