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FOR TODAY... November 23. 2000

Outside my window...Freshly fallen snow from last night.  The forecast had been for rain so I was surprised when I saw snow when I went to bed.  It is beautiful, of course.
I am thinking... what a miracle my friend is, having survived breast cancer radiation, two bouts with pneumonia and a brain infection that put her in the hospital for 4 months--all in this last year.  I visited her yesterday and was glad to see her almost back to her normal wonderful self.  It took a lot of faith and patience to get where she is today and a major miracle!  No one can tell me that God doesn't hear our prayers.

I am thankful for...the blessing of living on this beautiful earth and all the people who influence my life for good.
I am wearing...black corduroy pants, charcoal T and gray wool vest with my friend's pewter creche necklace.  I want to make one like it so she lent me her's to help me do that.

I am going... to have lab work done this morning for a physical that is scheduled soon and then it's off to the dentist.  I hope I have a good bill of health for both of them.

I am reading... The Pioneer Woman Cooks  and Blissful Blogging that I received from my daughter last week. Lots of great photography and good hearty food in the cookbook and her fun humor comes through too.
I am hoping...  to pick up And there was Light by Jacque Lissarian from the library today and get it read in this next week before our book club meets the week after Thanksgiving.  Wish me luck!

On my mind... thinking of my grandchildren who will come this week and fill the house with laughter and love. 
From the art studio....  Lots of Christmas sewing by my granddaughters and me-sh-shush Christmas presents so I can't say exactly what they are.  Also some crafts going on there also.  I am making the glass jars filled with Hot Tamales for lunch favors later in December.  Also making ribbons from leftover fabrics.

Noticing that...I will need to get a few more things in the house ready for my Thanksgiving company.

Pondering these words..."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

From the kitchen... darling little maple acorn muffins from my new muffin tin I got in the mail last week.

Around the house...I was pleasantly surprised by 5 little notes on my pillow from my grandchildren.  It was such a heart-warming time when I read them.

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Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This was such a calming post today. I wish I felt at peaceful as you sound. I need to focus...thanks for the reminder.


2cats said...

God is good. I am thankful that your friend is doing so much better.
Please have a very nice holiday.

Beth at Aunties said...

I too am pleased your friend has witnessed the miracles of the healing hand of our Lord and Savior in her life. She has gone through a lot!
I hope your Dr visits went well:-)

Sweet blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!~♥~

UKZoe said...

Sounds like you are getting in a lot more creativity time than I have lately.