November is Gratitude

It is always nice when November rolls around.  The spooks,zombies and skeletons have gone home, we pull out our plaid and flannel throws and make our homes cozy and warm.  But it is also a time that we have to really concentrate on being grateful for those little and big things, people and blessings that we have in our lives.  I say we have to work on it because I think we are not prompted and guided in our thought processes to do so by the media or retail establishments.  Gratitude isn't something that we can hand our hard earned cash down on any check-out line with a cashier eager to take it, and so many stores would and could just as soon sweep Thanksgiving under the carpet and ring the bells as loud as they can and run ad after ad for the next big profiting holiday--Christmas.  That is why stores are all decorated in red and green, and all the orange, red, rust and tan have been packed away with the leftover Halloween merchandise.  It is up to us, those who have grateful hearts, to love and celebrate this day of giving thanks for everyday blessings by giving it and the reason behind it priority in our busy lives.  But, we can do it without support from any retail establishment and without commercialism because we can do it right in our homes with our families by quietly sharing our feelings of gratitude together. And we lovingly teach our children and grandchildren by example to cherish who they are, with what we have been blessed.  I, for one, want to take the month of November to count my blessings each day and share this gratitude with those I come in contact. To make everyday a day of thanksgiving!  Thanks to each of you for coming here today.  I am grateful for you too.


Beth at Aunties said...
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Beth at Aunties said...

I love your post. Gratitude has been on mind too. I took the gratitude challenge from Mercy, at 'A Stone Cottage' to add gratitude as part of every post.
I too cherish this month of ‘Thanks Giving', with it's warm colors, feelings and sense of family.
I was thrilled to see that Michelle won your giveaway! I have watched and prayed with this young mother since the start of her journey of breast cancer. She has gone through so much and it makes me happy for everything she has to celebrate. I love that another good thing came her way! It did my heart good to see she won:)

Maggie B said...

As a Reiki practitioner, "Gratitude" is part of my daily life but it always helps to be reminded sometimes.
Lovely post, thank you.

Beverly said...

I love the thought of everyday being a day of Thanksgiving!

Chrissy said...

I have been thinking those same thoughts. It has always bugged me that after Halloween so many jump right into the Christmas holidays. November has always been one of my favorite months and I love Thanksgiving. I was thinking today about how to incorporate gratitude into my Nov posts! Thanks for your post!!!

Rhonda said...

What a great post! We should show our gratitude daily, but often we don't! Hope your doing well!

jenjen said...

I'm grateful for you mom! Beautiful post!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What beautiful words. I find it sad that we no longer get to enjoy each holiday, that we are pushed too quickly from one to the next. This was a nice reminder.


Marie said...

Beautiful post Jean. I like to practice the art of Gratitude each and every day of my life. It brings so much joy into my days and helps me to dwell on small blessings that might otherwise become overlooked!