Thankful for Ordinary Things

I have just learned about an important teaching moment.  I young mother of four daughters wanted her children to appreciate and learn gratitude for ordinary things that we all take for granted.  This is how she decided to do it.  Each night she presents one thing at the dinner table and then for that night and the next day they do without the particular thing.  She started with the gift of Light.  For dinner they dined by candlelight which the children loved.  One particularly active child began making silhouette animals from the shadow of the light but most were very attentive and caught the principle.  They played flashlight tag after dinner with flashlights.  At bedtime they read stories by the flashlights.  The mother said it was the most magical time with very quiet and peaceful children.  It went so well that she is now going to incorporate "stories by flashlight" into their regular bedtime routine.  Next she plans to teach about water.  They will only be using water brought in from the hose outside.  Can you just imagine the learning and the appreciation those children will have from this lesson?  In this month of gratitude I am so grateful for light and air and sun and heat and water. I don't ever want to be without any one of them!
For what are you grateful ?


Beth at Aunties said...

She is a creative and wise mother! My children loved it when the lights went out and we just had candlelight and flashlights.
The water and heat will really be a challenge.
I am thankful for everything you are and for family,laughter and of course the gospel. Aren't we blessed?
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It is the mosiac thing ~ I wish I knew how to do! :-)
Thanks for sharing this gratitude post. I hope your week is going well.


sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

Very good idea!

Joycee said...

What a great post! If we could only be still long enough to see and hear...

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

That is a smart mother. One thing that always touched my children was picking an angel off the angel tree at Christmas. They couldn't believe that there were children who were only asking for a hat or gloves. Sue