Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...October 12th, 2009
Outside my window... I have red and yellow and purple and lime green in my yard and the mountains are ablaze with color.  There has not been any rain for a week so the color is staying for a while although there are a few dark clouds in the sky this morning.

I am thinking... Who makes all this mess in my house?

I am thankful for... family and friends who show love to me.
I am wearing... a long sleeve heathered blue henley top with a back knit collared vest (very warm) and black pants.
I am remembering... actually I am feeling guiltly as I remember that I used to work out every morning and that I need to sign up again.  But, each day it so easy to start in with my regular household  routine which squeezes out those thoughts and each day blends into another.

I am going... to start cleaning up the kitchen first thing this morning.  Later I am hoping to be able to visit my dear friend who came home from the hospital after spending over 70 days in ICU.  She has experienced not just one miracle but many there.

I am reading...the Julia Child book, My Life in France

I am hoping... to begin teaching my granddaughters how to sew.
On my mind...
Just the myriad of items that need taking care of today and this week.

Noticing that... time is flying by and my list for the week has not even been made so I must hurry to catch up.

Pondering these words..." Fill your life with as many moments and experiences of joy and compassion as you humanly can.  Start with one experience and build on it."  Marcia Wieder

From the kitchen... I am happy.  I have my favorite (leftover cake my family made for my birthday) Oatmeal Cake.

Around the house... I am cleaning out clothes from my closet so there are sorted piles around.  This is brought about by an episode on Oprah about hoarding!  I decided I was not going to ever let that happen here!

One of my favorite things~being with family and friends.

From my picture journal...

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Maggie B said...

I so enjoyed reading your daybook, it's an interesting concept and I guess it helps you to focus.
Perhaps I should try it, but only when I get home from vacation, n'est pas?

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to "meet" you. I enjoyed reading your daybook, that Oatmeal Cake sounds delicious, and what a gorgeous picture you chose! Have a great week!

jenjen said...

Did you have cake for lunch? I hope you had a nice visit with your friend. It was fun hanging out with you yesterday!


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh I loved reading your daybook -- I always marvel at how I can read someone's personal notes, and something will always reach out to me, a familiar item, a recognition. We are all sisters under the skin, I think.

Thanks for visiting That Old House! Too bad you couldn't keep those doors with the glass knobs! They probably turned purplish because of sun exposure -- old glass often does.
You see it a lot in old bottles.

Best ... Cass

The Man Crew said...

I, too hope you have a chance to visit your friend. Hope the cake was tasty...wanna share the recipe?? Enjoyed reading your dabook and loved your picture thought. Have a great week!

Marie said...

Lovely day book as always Jean!! I can well imagine the pretty colours in Utah at the moment!! I bet it is breathtakingly beautiful!! xxoo

A Gracious Home said...

I think hoarding is different than what most of us do. I keep nice suits hoping to lose weight. We have a channel that shows hoarders. I saw the Opra one where the family finally moved out because the house was so piled up. Wouldn't it be terrible to live like that. Those programs always make me want to get rid of clutter. Your picture is beautiful. I will see you next Monday. Doylene