The Great Pumpkin Hunt

There are so many pumpkins waiting to be chosen.

There are so many it is a hard decision.  Each one has his/her idea of their ideal size and shape desired.

Nick and Hayley look together.  Hayley makes her selection early in the game.
Hannah looks at each one carefully.  This is a very important decision, you know!

 Ella just wants her picture taken and enjoys all the pumpkins.

After looking at all the pumpkins Hannah cannot decide and gets some advice where to look from mom.

Time for a little picture taking,

Dad advises Hannah.

Mom and Hannah have their picks!

Nick picks a big one.

Ella picks a big one too.

Oh, oh, Hannah changes her mind and puts hers back!

Waiting, waiting for Hannah to choose another.

Meanwhile Ella finds a baby one she falls in love with.

Hannah is still looking.

Finally, she finds the perfect one (again) and adds it to the wagon,

Hayley was ready to go hours ago so she pulls the wagon full of the best pumpkins.

And the winners are.............!!!!


Beth at Aunties said...

Isn't this a great family time of the year?
We have little ones who love the perfect small pumpkin too! Pumpkin patches are the best:)

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun time and what great pictures. I am glad that they were able to find the perfect ones.

Marie said...

Great family pictures Jean! I enjoyed this visit to the pumpkin farm with everyone! How wonderful!

Bren said...

what a great day for pumpkin picking, the kids are getting so big