Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, September 28

Outside My Window...
The colors on the mountain are continuing to glow with orange, red and chartreuse.  The neighbor's scrub oak which almost touches my office window has a branch that has all these colors on it.  Beautiful!
I am thinking...What a wonderful week it will be! It will be so fun with my two sisters here for Sisters Week.  One is coming from California and the other from another city in the state.
I am thankful for...my sisters.  For years we did not have much contact.  We each lived in different states and seldom saw each other so I am so glad we have decided to be in each others lives now.  There is nothing quite like a sister.  She knows thinks about you that no other person is privy to. (sometimes good, sometimes not so good:)
From the kitchen... I made some of my favorite cookies Big Soft Ginger Cookies.  The house smells warm with cinnamon, ginger and spices.
I am wearing... my capris, maybe for that last week this year as a storm is predicted for this week bringing (oh, I dare not say the S word ) to the mountains.
I am creating...hopefully wonderful memories will be made and shared this week.
I am going... to enjoy our time together this week.  See below for where we will be going

I am reading...I just finished my big novel Katherine. (I am so proud of myself!  If I hadn't been sick and read one whole day it wouldn't have gotten finished!)   It was so good.  Toward the end I would only read a little section so that I could keep the story going and savor it.  I feel sad that I am finished reading it (all 500 pages).  So now I have to find me another good book.  I should take this time to catch up on my scripture reading though.
I am hoping... the weather stays nice so that we can go on our little trips and we can eat outside some before it gets too cool.
I am hearing... Birds and lawnmowers and sister's voices.
Around the house...It is so nice to know that my sisters are here and stirring in the bedrooms or in the bathroom.  Just having their movements and noises is so nice.
One of my favorite things... I love to have friends and family come to my house.  I love preparing the rooms and trying to make them welcoming and homey so that their stay will bring back warm memories when they go home and think back on their time with me.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...

We have such a lot of things on our agenda I hope we can accomplish all of them. Of course, we have to get caught up on all our lives first of all.  We want to go on a color tour of autumn color which are in their peak in the canyons around me.  We also want to go see the beautiful fall gardens at Thanksgiving Point one day and have lunch at Dear Lizzie's-a wonderfully girly shop with all kinds of wonderfully fragrant lotions, and potions, lovely jewelry and all things glittery.  There is a darling little cafe Bistro in part of it so it has a fun atmosphere as you sit eating your lovely sandwich and look at all the antique windows used for display with their old fashioned pictures trimmed with lace and glitter and the wonderful sweets in the display case--cupcakes and brownies and candies.  Oh dear, I also most forgot that I was supposed to be listing plans, so--also we will be making a darling quilt called French Roses.  Each block has different fabrics for the roses that are stitched around with raw edges showing.  We will be making the sweater totes that I blogged about here, a fun birthday gift idea using a cake mix and frosting can all covered with colorful scrapbook paper and includes sprinkles for decorating the cake.  Those are ideas that I will be teaching.  It will be fun to learn what my sisters come up with.  We will be taking a Stampin' Up class one night and I want them to see the Julia and Julie movie.  Neither of them are movie fans so it will take some talking on my part to put that one over to them.  We will be taking lots of pictures and have a cute chipboard album in the shape of a purse (our theme this year is Purses) to put them in while we are here.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Welcome Sisters!! 
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Daddy's Chick's said...

First let me say Thank you for visiting my blog!! I will keep you and your sisters in my prayers this week. I look forward to seeing pictures of your visit. Have a blessed time together.

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh, what delicious fun! I hope every moment is spent is laughter and even some giggles.
My mom has been staying with me... and so my sisters and I have been getting together with her a lot this week. We have laughed so hard untill we haad tears and we just plain enjoyed these wonderful moments. No elaborate and fun plans like you have in mind for the week, as mom's mobility is limited. Just loving one another.
Your sisters are so lucky they can call YOU, sister:) Enjoy!

jenjen said...

I hope you guys are having a wonderful time together. How fun!


Karen said...

I hope you had a terrific time with your sisters this week. That is so nice :) Karen