Fall Harvest Festival

Fall Harvest Festival

It is that time of year to frolic in the colorful leaves and attend celebrations of autumn. Our church had a very fun Harvest Festival Saturday in the local park. It was fun for all ages. Those in charge rounded up canopies, lawn stakes and corn stalks from the members, set up the tables and tents early in the morning and welcomed the guests in the afternoon. Here are some pictures of the day.
There were booths for:Corn Chucking (ears of corn were thrown into circles cut out of wood and painted to look like a corn field. It was harder than it sounds)
Marshmallow golf
Seed spitting (Pumpkin seeds were used) The record was around 22 ft.Jello Snarfing (a bit messy, but much loved by the teenagers)Donut on a String (It seems you had to get your whole face covered in the icing before you even had a chance to get a bite in your mouth!) Harry Potter Bowling (Children's brooms were used to sweep the plastic pumpkins down the lane while wearing witches hats) Bees Baseball (a throwing game with weighted bottles and a baseball) Ring the Pumpkin
Scarecrow Stuffing
(a relay game using stuffing to fill the life-sized scarecrows sitting in their chairs)
At each booth you would get a ticket (whether or not you achieved the object of the game). The tickets could be redeemed at the Bakery and Sweet Shoppe for either candy or homemade piece of pie, or other desserts. You could also "pick pocket" three men wearing denim shirts with big colorful pockets filled with other treats.
In all it was a beautiful day to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the season ahead. Fun was had by everyone! Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make a great activity and afternoon.


Terra said...

This looks like a wild and wonderful event.

wenderful said...

That looks like fun! Why didn't you tell me about that when I talked to you? Great idea to take pictures too. Have a great day! :)

jenjen said...

It WAS very fun. I loved it and thought it was a GREAT idea. Thanks for letting us go with you!