Julia Child Dinner Party-Part 2-Making the Chef Hats

For my Julia Child Dinner Party I thought since I had assigned each guest one of Julia's recipes to prepare and bring, that qualified them as an unofficial Chef. And what sets a Chef apart from his/her staff but an official Chef's hat. Well, ok, it could also be a large Chef's knife, but that is dangerous and harder to make from paper, so I researched the hat idea and
found these two:
I actually made both the gathered one and the pleated version and decided to stick with the gathered one as it was going to be easier to make.
Here are the directions for making the hat:
1. You will need some Butcher paper--what is more authentic than asking your local butcher for some of his paper?
You'll need 7" x 26" for each one. This is used for the headband.
2.Fold the butcher paper in half length-wise with the shiny sides together so the band measures 3 1/2" x 26"
3.Next you take white tissue paper and tape two (or more) together to measure 45" x 14".
4. Mark one long end of the tissue paper at the 1/4, half and 3/4 marks.
5. Do the same with the butcher paper on its long side.
6. Using double stick tape, tape the butcher paper at the marks you have made. Then attach the tissue at those same places.
Put double stick tape in between the places that are attached, one at a time.
7. Now with your hands just gather up the tissue in between the places that are not attached and stick them to the taped places.
All along the edge of the tissue should now be attached to the butcher paper.
8. Gather up the other edge of the tissue paper about 1" in from the edge. Wrap a string around the gathering and tie it tight.
9. Turn the gathered, string-tied edge to the inside. (This is the top of the hat)
10. Attach the two short ends of the butcher paper together to form the band into a circle.

There you have it.
A Chef's hat for the culinary genius that you are!

I made one for each of the guests. They were used as the place cards with the guest's name on each one.
Tomorrow I will post about some other preparations
for the big dinner party!


Jerri said...

What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like the makings of a great party.

jenjen said...

Those hats turned out so great mom! They are adorable! Thanks for making Nick one!


Connie Weiss said...

I love it! They look just like the real thing!

Beth at Aunties said...

The hats are so fun and I bet set the mood for a great evening of fun.
Can't wait to see the rest. We do live pretty close to the J R Temple.
I would like to know about about the service group and Thank You for the wonderful invite!