Fences and Walls

I have been consumed with fences and walls lately after discovering that my fence that was here when I moved in, is in fact, not new but in a sorry state of disrepair beyond repair.

The existing fence is right next to a paved road which gives no privacy in my backyard.
I have traveled high and low looking at what other people have decided was the best fence for them. Is it right for my yard as well? I have researched the merits of a solid brick wall, brick with brick columns, Atlas brick (a longer, wider brick), cement block wall, cement with stucco, concrete block wall, with and without columns and precast concrete. I have narrowed the field down to precast concrete.
This (blurry) picture is of a stacked-look tan wall with columns that match.
Do I want a random brick-look on a grey fence? I actually would love the waterfall but that would never happen unless other people wouldn't mind driving through it instead of the existing road.
And I have noticed that a lot of people like this "polka-dot" random colored rock look.

This multi-shaped flat rock look is nice too. What would you choose?
I went with Precast concrete because it is durable, goes up very quickly, requires minimum foundation work and is very good value for the money ( much less money to tell the truth!!
And the winner is:
And this is the one I chose. I like the symetry of the "bricks" and the flat columns. Mine will actually have flat frames around each panel too. It goes in next week and I can hardly wait. That's about all the excitment for now. Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I am off to Idaho to see Wenderful and family with JenJen and her family. It's just one big happy family!


Marie said...

I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family this weekend! I love what you have chosen for your fence. It will look just great!

Rona's Home Page said...

Love the results!
You have a great Memorial Day weekend. Our weekend starts at 3PM Sunday!
Oh, don't forget to stop by and respond to my latest question. Betty or Veronica ~ Who should Archie marry?