Welcome Spring!

I welcome the first day of Spring with a poem from my mother's kindergarten -teaching years.

( Horray!! Soon we will be seeing some of these)I have a little pussy,

And her coat is silver gray;

She lives in a great wide meadow,

And she never runs away.

She always is a pussy,

She'll never be a cat

Because---she's a pussy willow!

Now what do you think of that!

These will soon be out wild in the meadows

These are out in front of a beautiful nursery and antique shop called Wisteria in California.

Poppies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Happy 1st day of Spring to you!!


jenjen said...

Happy Spring Mom! I hope the Spring weather keeps going and going. (Although I think I heard that it's going to snow this weekend...)

Cute pictures! I remember grandma saying that.


PS - You are welcome to come to our Twilight party. It's Saturday night at 7!

Marie said...

Happy Spring Jean! I remember saying that poem when I was a girl! We did love to gather pussy willows. They were magic to me!

Beth at Aunties said...

Hahppy happy spring! I am excited for our own poppies to burst. I have those same vibrant orange ones along with a delicate pink one. Oh, happy Spring in deed!

How did you handle all the coughing???? I found out yesterday I have whooping Cough!

I enjoyed your mom's poem.

Rhonda said...

Cute poem...I was singing it in my head...don't know where the tune came from???

Lovely spring flowers here too! Thanks for stopping by!


Rona's Home Page said...

It's very windy in Vegas and will only get worst. But I love spring and am glad that it's arrived.
Have a lovely weekend.

Connie Weiss said...

I love poppys! I planted a ton of them in my yard in Denver. I need to find some for my Utah garden...

Happy Spring!