Loving Stitches!

I have been stitching my heart into several quilts lately. Two of them for my daughter and her soon to be born son.
This one is made of 6" squares of cotton, flannel and silky on one side with minke on the back and binding. One of the squares has the words "Oh Boy" written all over it. The machine quilting is done with stars and moon and clouds. It turned out nice and very soft. It will keep him very cozy! I can't wait to cuddle it around his cute little angel face!I like to sew a label on the back side.
This one is minke on this side with ivory fleece on the back side. The two pices are sewn together all around then top stitched close to the edge and a big X sewn diagonally from the corners to keep it in place. It is crib size.I love these labels from Susan Branch. They come all printed on the fabric, so for about 1/2 yard you get about 20 labels all different designs.
This is a very bright and colorful quilt made for a dear friend of mine who has gone through two surgeries since December and is having chemo now. I wanted it to be fun and happy for her.
I used jumbo rickrack to make the flower stems on half of the rectangles.I hope it brings a smile to her face when she uses it and helps make the chemo a little more bearable. I enjoyed making it for her. I love you both!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy day!


jenjen said...

Cute, cute quilts mom! They are all adorable. I one for Melissa with the flowers is very sweet.

I hope you had a good day yesterday. I will call you later after you are home from the temple.


Sally said...

Jean! You are so talented! I am just in awe. You have a genuine talent for design and I am jealous of the recipients of your gorgeous quilts. They are each so beautiful to look at and so appealing!

I know that quilting is a labor of love and your quilts do show your love. What a wonderful gift to your grandson (and daughter!) and your friend.

Marie said...

Oh Jean, your quilts are so beautiful and lovely!! What wonderful gifts! You have a real talent there!

Connie Weiss said...

Beautiful quilts! I am a hand quilter and I love looking at other people's work...it is so inspiring.

Beth at Aunties said...

Your quilts are so gorgeous! They look like so much thought and love goes into each one of them. Minke is so soft. My little ones love cuddling it. Little Hudson will be a very loved little baby.
Your friend is so lucky to have a friend like you. I am sure her bright and cheery quilt will bring her much comfort as heals. My daughter made a quilt for her friend and she took it with her for her chemo treatments. It is a lovely way to show someone you care.
Today I read an e-mail from Wendy you won't need surgery! I don't open that account very often. It was very pleasant news!
Take care care and enjoy your visit:-)


Rona's Home Page said...

You did a terrific sewing job.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the beautiful quilts, Mom! They are so soft and will get used a lot! I appreciate all the work that went into them. They will be treasured forever.

Amber said...

I LOVE that first blanket! Wanna make one for me when I get pregnant again??? :)

It's so lovely!

wenderful said...

You've been so busy lately! What's next on your list? Those quilts are wonderful. I'll have to take a closer look at Hudson's when I go out there next time. Have a great day today!