5 Stars

How to be a 5 star hostess:
1. Have a wonderful lunch ready when I arrive. (Even though you are on your own diet and cannot eat any of it!) Menu: Homemade Fresh Pea Soup (served in brown polka dot bowls atop brown and white striped plates.)
Baby Lettuce Salad (with hand painted quirky cruet bottles for the dressing)
Fresh Orange and Currant Scones
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 2. Put your three large dogs in the kennel or away with your husband because you know I am afraid of big dogs.
3. Have beautiful little and big fresh flower arrangements everywhere.

4. Let me stay in the "Marilyn Monroe" bedroom. With light aqua satin comforter, soft beige sheets, mirrored dresser, crystal chandelier, beaded lamps and
gorgeous panoramic view of San Francisco AND Oakland bridges and all in between out my window.
Have a house full of eye candy everywhere--a house that is so beautiful it has been in a magazine.
5. Chauffeur me everywhere I want to go and see. 6. Have fun watching The Bachelor and make whimsy clips together.
7. Be your wonderful self!
Thank you, dear friend, Barbara, for a wonderful visit!


jenjen said...

You ARE so lucky to have Barbara for a friend! She is so sweet and wonderful! What a super place to say!!!

love you Mom!


Marie said...

OH wow Jean, that looks like a wonderful place to stay and a thoughtful person to visit! Lucky you!

wenderful said...

She has a WONDERFUL house! And a cute fat cat. I love Barbara.
Hope you have a great day today.

Beth at Aunties said...

Friends are to cherish and special friends like Barbara come rarely in a life time.
Her home looks spectacular and yet so warm and cozy. I am glad you had a wonderful time and could spend time with your sweet friend.
It all does look like it is out of a magazine~ Gorgeous!
She is just as lucky to have a friend like you in her life!:-)

Debbie said...

Now how to I get to be friends with Barbara?

Ashley said...

Barbara is a great friend to you! And she's fun AND has a tattoo!
I second the thought that she has the cutest, fatest cat. Next time you should let him snuggle in your room with you!

barbara ing said...

Dear Jean,
I woke up this morning to complete
fog and found my way to the computer and at your encouraging
to your blog. You know this is all
new to me. What a wonderful surprise. The view of the City so
amazing. If only it was that way
each day. The sun was here because
you came to visit. Thank you for
all the beautiful comments. It is
so easy to entertain when your friend that inspires you each and every day comes to visit with her
beautiful three daughters and so
cute son-in-law. Of course, this is
how I feel when I come to visit you
in Utah and when we visited each other when living just two blocks
away in beautiful Alamo. Sunshine
and all....I was so inspired by
the recyclable flowers you taught
me to make while you were here, I
have ten ready to go for our
Spa Day Decorations for our Alamo
Women's Club in April. I cant wait
until you return soon to see your
new grandson that will be here shortly. Trooper, the fat cat, Avery, Ryleigh, Oso and Bill will
be here too. Marilyn is awaiting
your arrival too..... I would to have all your blogger friends as mine,their comments were so sweet, but since I have no idea how to set
up a blog and two daughters too far
away to help me,I will have to just
enjoy the special blogs and friends
through reading your blog of which
I will now do everyday along with
all the others....Love Barbara

Rona's Home Page said...

What a terrific friend and thanks for blogging about your visit.

Hill upon Hill said...

It looks welcoming indeed.