Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...March 9, 2009

Outside my window..there is stillness, once in a while the sound of a car racing to work or school. The mountain top is clouded by heavy fog which is supposed to turn to snow by noon. I suppose March is known for it's changing weather but I would be very happy when the sunshine and warmth overcome the chilly days.

I am thinking...what a wonderful family I have and how nice they are. Two of the grandchildren reset all the clocks in my house yesterday. Jeff replaced three lightbulbs that had burned out and broken in the sockets. Hannah and Ella spelled and replaced my ever changing border of words. Jennifer helped me with my blog and brought dessert. And for all of this I only had to pay them with dinner.

I am thankful for...friends. I had a dear friend come Saturday and stay Sunday with me. We had fun going to dinner and then TJMaxx and such. We caught up on each other's lives. She is taking classes to be a life coach so she practiced on me. It was fun.

From the kitchen... tidying the cupboards and putting away all the dishes from yesterday.

I am wearing... the oldest things I could find--grey sweat pants, and a pink top I don't like because I plan to paint this afternoon while it snows outside.

I am reading... I have just finished Sara's Quilt (the sequel to These Is My Word) and am now going to catch up on a little church reading but looking for a new novel too.

I am hoping... to spend time with each of my grandchildren this week.

I am creating... a wrapping room in my basement.

I am hearing... clocks ticking right next to me.

Around the house... lots of laundry, lots of tidying, lots of library books, lots of plans for yard work that soon will begin

One of my favorite things... having a clean, organized, warm and cheerful house.

A few plans for the rest of the week... painting the wrapping room, hair cut, mall and gelato with grandchildren, sewing quilt tops for church, dinner with friends on the weekend.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


Sally said...

I love to read these posts. :)

How was Sara's Quilt? I haven't read it.

Beth at Aunties said...

I enjoy reading your posts on Mondays! Enjoy painting:)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Jean,
How fun to read your day book. I also enjoy reading Marie's each week. They make me feel like I am there with you.

I have also enjoyed reading you last several posts that I missed last week. Your quilts are beautiful. Your daughter and friend are lucky to get such a work of love from you.

I wish your daughter well... I know she enjoyed the baby showers. When is the baby due??? I know how excited you all are.

Have a good week. Good luck with the painting. I wish that I had a wrapping room.
Hugs, Lura

jenjen said...

Good list mom! Thanks for dinner yesterday - it was very delicious!

Love you!


wenderful said...

Hi Mom. Hope you had a good day today. I posted about my infamous police escapades on my blog. Come over and read. Love you.

Marie said...

OH it does sound like you had a wonderful day with your family. I am intrigued about the ever changing words. I loved These Is My Words. I will have to get Sara's Quilt! Beautiful post as always. I felt like I was having a nice visit with you!