T'was the time before Christmas

I just love this time of year. I really like the time before Christmas maybe more than the actual day of Christmas. Here are 10 reasons why:
1. I love going to the elementary and middle school music concerts where the 4th graders all have on Santa hats and play their recorders as if they were in a famous Symphony (so cute), and the 7th graders play their flutes like they have really practiced.

2. I love to find at the store that my regular milk and yogurt have been replaced with seasonal ones like Pumpkin Spice and Egg Nog.
3. I love to see the children trying so hard to be on their best behavior leaving little notes saying "You are the best mother/grandmother in the world".

4. I have been listening to Christmas carols since October when I got a new CD for my birthday. Need I say I love them?
5. I love making just the right gift for someone and the anticipation of their response when they open it and see it for the first time. My sister always makes the neatest gifts for me so there is a lot of pressure on me with her gift.
6. I love a good party and it seems that everyone is having one at this time of year. Why not when your house is decorated with lots of twinkly lights on the mantle and candles everywhere?
7. Did I mention candles? I visited a friend's home today and had to see what candles she was burning-- Cranberry Wreath and Christmas Tree, it smelled so good!
8. There is nothing like seeing an envelope in the mail with familiar penmanship and you can't wait to read all about her year since she last wrote to you. You can reread it over and over again if you want.
9. When I make green Christmas tree Spritz cookies I have fond memories of my Aunt Ramona who always had them on her table for all the guests at Christmas time. Although none of my children like them, It wouldn't be Christmas for me without them. (I have not made them yet this year).
10. When I walk through my house at night with just the lights in the garlands glowing, the carols in the air and fireplace and candles burning, I just love it. I see my old stuffed dog from my childhood with a red bow around his neck, the ornaments we bought so many years ago along with crystals from a chandelier (we found in the attic of a previous home) on the tree and it makes me happy. I feel so cozy and content with everything the way it is right now. I will leave Christmas morning for the children, I don't need more than I have right now.

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