My First Post!!!!

We just finished having a Princess party for Ella who turned 4 and loves, of course, everything pink. Last night was a mad scramble finding a pink tablecloth for my 72" round table. I ended up buying tricot at the local fabric store because it is 108" wide! I used a white tablecloth underneath the pink tricot, trimmed the pink corners so they were round, put everything I could find that was pink on the pink netting in the center of the table including things I found at the dollar store (what a great place!) like tiara and earring sets, pink bubble gum and pink m&m's and Ella loved it! Afterward dinner we all made chocolate mice. You might like them too. Very easy! Dip stemmed marachino cherries in almond bark or melted chocolate. Lay them on waxed paper on their sides and attach a chocolate kiss on the end of the cherry for the head. Place two slivered almonds in between the chocolate kiss and the dipped chocolate for the ears. Use silver dragees or other small candy for two eyes and a small round red ball for the nose. Voila, done. These are adorable, fast and easy. I will try to post a picture of them and the very pink and dreamy table too.
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jenjen said...

Thanks for a wonderful, memorable party for little Ella. We all had a great time and appreciate all of the time and effort you put into making it such a special party for her!

Love you!