Aprons and Cookies

I have some great friends who cook! I decided to make aprons for some of them this Christmas. I delivered their aprons to them yesterday in our 3 hour window between a snowstorm and dusk when black ice forms on the roads. Here are four of them in their new attire ready to show the world their newest cuisine. I am hoping they will share their deliciousness with me soon.

Since we had a major blizzard today, Ella and I decided to make Spritz cookies.

The first batch came out perfect. (except that about half of the sprinkles ended up on the floor!)

The second batch--our pink princess flowers all melted together because as it turned out, I was trying to mix the second batch, timing the first, and trying to keep all the pink sanding sugar on the cupboard and not join the sprinkles on the rug and floor, at which time I lost track of the flour amounts I had added and was 1 cup short. And so, the beautiful pink flowers all melted into one large mass on the cookie sheet. Does this ever happen to you? (The whole thing went into the garbage when it cooled.)

My last attempt- I was vacuuming up all the teeny, tiny, multicolored sprinkles and the pink sanding sugar and by so doing, didn't hear the timer go off (or didn't set it at all, I don't know) and so that batch of lovely, lemon stars that Ella called 4th July (meaning fireworks) burned! At that point I gave up on the cookies, put what I had in a jar, and called it a day!


wenderful said...

But did you have fun?
At least you got one good batch out of it. Cute aprons! Did your friends love them?

jenjen said...

What wonderful pictures! I think I might know that little girl... Your aprons turned out beautifully! Did you have dinner with Judy last night?


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Those aprons are just adorable! We ate our flat cookies this year. :)

beth at aunties said...

You are a wonderful friend and I bet each one of them LOVED their aprons stitched with love!
You just made a lasting memory and the cookies looked wonderful... even the flat ones made the your home smell delish:)
Thanks for visitng and your comments.


Kim Layton said...

The sprinkles can get you! I thought the aprons were so cute! We made easy reindeer cookies (recipe on blog) last week! I had my two boys cracking up! It looks like you guys have fun in the kitchen too!
Merry christmas!

Jen r. said...

Great aprons and cookies! They are so cute and what great fabrics! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! :) Jen R

cadi said...

I stumbled on your blog yesterday and loved it.

I am in the trenches with my little kids right now. Your blog is inspiring to cook more, bake more, love more, and decorate more! I love your blog and if you don't mind I might stumble upon it again...for inspiration and a good recipe!

Dianne West said...

Jean, I just viewed your blog on
aprons and cookies! What a fun
blog you are writing! The aprons
are great; I've enjoyed wearing