A Gift of Love

I am helping a friend make four memory quilts for her children. They are made of pieced blocks from shirts of her husband who passed away four years ago this month. My friend pins the blocks and I am sewing them together. Because she does not sew, the quilts will be such an unexpected surprise to the children who are now grown with families of their own. I know each quilt will be so loved and bring back wonderful memories of a father who was very dear to them as they wrap its warmth around them. It is a heartfelt labor of love and I am happy to be part of this special Christmas gift. Friends and family are the messengers of the wonderful gift of Christmas peace and joy. Here is what they look like before they are quilted.


wenderful said...

Hi Mom! Great job on your blog! You got the pictures up and everything. I really like the idea of the quilt. That is a wonderful gift idea.
Welcome to the blogging world!

jenjen said...

You are on a roll Mom! Great job getting it all figured out! It's great that you are helping make those quilts. They will be treasured.


The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

This is just precious! My husband has a quilt like this made from his Grandfather's shirts. It is a treasure. I'm sure they loved receiving it!