Me and ME in St. Louis-4

At the Mary Englebreit Workshop held in St. Louis were the most amazing displays of creative and artistic supplies including vintage items and ephemera.  I took a few pictures of the classroom tables awaiting the participants selections for use in making their class items.  How could anyone go wrong with this assortment of wonderful supplies?

It was a crafter's dream to be able to use at free will any and all of the magnificent supplies brought by each teacher.  Many of them were vintage finds!  I was awed away by the selection. They were truly eye candy to us. Here are some of the bounteous tables awaiting our classes.

It was so exciting seeing each person make something complete her own using many of the same items.  Added to the things that each person brought with them there was an abundant supply for everyone.

The last day Mary provided an interesting panel discussion with some very prominent women in the creative field.
 Amy Butler--known for her colorful fabric patterns and designs,
Dena Fishbein (Dena Designs) whose tiny flowery prints we find on cards, fabrics and other small items,
Marcia Ceppos who told us how her grandfather began Tinsel Trading by buying the military trims from the army uniforms and then storing them in his basement.
And of course Mary who began drawing at an early age and without any formal art education has made her name famous for her many drawings of children and sayings she puts with them. Each woman told of her humble beginning into the world of creativity and offered advice for each of us.
Besides the classes, much information was given to us at seminars entitled "Artistic Licensing" and"DIY Craft Fairs"

In all, it was an experience that I will likely never forget. 
I made friends, shared working together, made sweet memories and even had time for sweet treats. Thanks Mary for giving all of us this wonderful sweet time together!


Sue said...

Seems like a practically perfect trip. And I'm glad you got the cupcakes, too!


mishebe said...

i am so jealous!!!