Me and ME in St. Louis-3

More classes at the Mary Englebreit Workshop in St. Louis
Another favorite class was the Award Ribbon class.  Using an amazing assortment of vintage papers, ribbons, and other supplies  many beautiful and unusual award ribbons were created.  Here are just a few of them
 This one uses book pages for the base with vintage trim and flowers.
 This one has old bank notes attached to it and uses music paper.
 How about using comics in the creation!
 Or an old map, mini Chinese umbrellas or cupcake liners?

 one's imagination was in full gear here with telephone pages pleated for this one. (Sorry about the blur)
Another class produced these cute, working paper birdhouse clocks.
And this cute one.
 And you cannot produce a birdhouse without some
 Funky birds to go in it!
Another class offered was Traveling Folding Trays.  I did not take this one but the results were really works of art-- each one as unique as the individual who made it.  They had a great time embellishing them with their own or those items that were provided for them.
All the classes were amazing by themselves but to see the wonderful selection of vintage items provided to class members just amazed me.   I will post pictures of some of those for you to see on Monday.


Marie said...

Oh wow Jean, what a fabulous experience! I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the creations!

Sue said...

What interesting things you guys made. I love the funky birds.