A week in Review

Where have I been?  (Warning:  Long, grandmotherly post!)

  Well, I had a great time with my grandchildren in Idaho for 6 days while Wendy attended a photography workshop in Las Vegas.
 Little 5 yr-old Will and I were pals during the day reading stories, watching UP, making cupcakes and swinging on his swing. 
 He is very vested in Pirates right now and must have drawn 15 pictures of them each day as well as wear his Pirate hat. This is his best interpretation of a pirate saying Arrrg!
 He also thought Molly, the dog, would be a great first mate. 
 The older children were so good and helped me shuttle them to basketball practice,
 piano lessons and

golf lessons after school. I have new respect for Wendy and all the time she spends in her car! 
   I had a few hours one day while Will was in Preschool so I was able to spent them with a friend from CA who has moved to Idaho.
 We had lunch (Buffalo Salad) and shopped the local antique stores that were suggested to me by a blogger friend who lives there.
 We came upon this grate on the sidewalk that was a lovely design.

The week before that I learned more about the TV world helping Jennifer take her bracelet supplies, set up and deliver her part on Studio 5.  I find it fasinating all that goes on behind the scenes of a production.
 There are lights to adjust, cameras to put in place, counting down to action and the actual taping of the show.
Of course, afterward we had to do some shopping.
 I guess I am really in the mainstream of design because I just love going to Pottery Barn and browsing their displays.
  I was intrigued with their coffee table displays.  Probably because I never feel like I quite get just the right things on my own coffee table. 

  I also loved their table displays and will probably post pictures of those on Thursday.
 I left with this view out my window and returned to it refreshed and white again
When will Spring be here?


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You had a busy week! I'm always so tired after we have the grands. Of course they are 1 and 3, and all boy. I know what you mean about the coffee table items. I've given up on "perfect" and I just put things that make me happy there. The kids are darling.

wenderful said...

Great pictures, Mom! Thanks for coming out and being me for a few days. The kids had a great time! Will wants to come out to visit soon. :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a wonderful time spent with your grandloves! Sounds like a great visit -- now grandma -- put your feet up and have a cup of tea -- you deserve it!