Service Club Update

Our 10 Club really got into the spirit of Easter early this year with our March meeting. Twelve wonderful women braved the falling snow to attend earlier this month.
 We stuffed 250 plastic Easter eggs for an egg hunt that will be held for children of a homeless assisted organization.
   We also held our own baby shower by each bringing layette items to the meeting.  These were collected and will be items for "sale" at the Teddy Bear Den of the March of Dimes.  Young mothers take parenting classes and receive tokens for their attendance and then are able to "spend" them at the Teddy Bear Den to "buy" the layette items as well as other items of their choosing.
In addition to filling the Easter eggs and the having the shower, two quilts were set up and were tied that day at our meeting. 
 They will also go to the same division of the March of Dimes.  I am always surprised by how much is accomplished in such a short amount of time (2 hours once a month) by our members.  This is a wonderful group of devoted and generous women to give their time and talent to this organization.  Thank you everyone!  This was also our 1 year anniversary of the 10 Club.  We began last March with 7 members and have grown to 16!  We celebrated by singing to our club and enjoyed a nice brunch afterward. 


Beth at Aunties said...

You all do a fantastic service to the community. I couldn't help but see cherished friendships being formed too.
A very 'beautiful' club you belong to!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm starting to really look forward to seeing what your group does each month. It is really impressive how much you get done for such wonderful causes.

Andrea said...

What an awesome group and such good ideas for giving back!