Holiday Boutiques

It's that time of year when signs appear around town or in the newspaper advertising Holiday Boutiques. I love to go to these because it is kind of like going to a garage sale in that you never know what you'll find.  Unlike a garage sale where most of the items are used, boutiques are all new, mostly hand made, one of a kind items.  I love them!  Here are a few items I found being sold this year at the boutiques I've attended.

Fun chalkboards

I was so excited when I laid my eyes on this table with tons of bolts of ribbons--and at incredible prices! You never know what a person's passion is.

Cute decorative stars to hang in a room and cheer your spirit.

Fun magnetic boards to post notes to your family, keep important date reminders etc.

Unique jewelry can be found at many boutiques.  Also in this somewhat blurry picture are cute messenger bags and childrens' bibs out of oilcloth.

These are little 2 oz. hand sanitizers. The owner has her children participate in filling the bottles so they feel a part of this project. The profits go to help children in Africa.

The designer of this fabric was participating in the boutique and so the fabric was less than 1/2 the cost that it sells for in the stores.  I know, I bought it last Christmas and made quilts from it.

Maybe you need a big clothespin clip for your desk.

Another advantage of boutiques is that they are generally in a home and so if you get exhausted, you can have a little break and sit on the furniture.  Unless, of course they have taken out all the furniture to make room for the merchandise, which is exactly the case at one boutique I attended last week!  Boutiques support the local economy and they are just plain fun!  I hope you have a chance to attend at least one this season--or two or three. (Let me know where they are so I can come too!)


Rhonda said...

Is that your daughter's home (Jen) and all her creative things for sell? I've never been to one, but it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We don't have these around where I live. I would love to go shop at places like this!


Marie said...

I love holiday boutiques, especially the ones that happen in homes. They are sadly very scarce on the ground over here. Another thing from home that I miss from over here!!